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Tonight’s RAW marks the final show before the Crown Jewel PPV on Thursday, in Saudi Arabia. At that show, Big E will face Drew McIntyre with the WWE Championship on the line, but tonight the duo will team-up, once again, to take-on the Dirty Dawgs. Meanwhile Charlotte Flair defends the RAW Women’s Championship against Bianca Belair, and The Street Profits return to RAW to face RK-Bro.

Also tonight, we’ll bear witness to the semi-final matches of the King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown tournaments, the finals of which will take place on Thursday. We already know Finn Balor is in the final, but will he face Xavier Woods or Jinder Mahal? And Zelina Vega is the finalist of the women’s tournament, and tonight we find out if she’ll face Shayna Baszler or Doudrop. Let us know who you think will qualify!

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Monday Night RAW begins with the RAW Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, coming to the ring. Later tonight Charlotte will face Bianca Belair with her title on the line.

Charlotte says this is her last night on RAW and yet there’s no party, farewell, or thank yous. She’s annoyed that her last night on RAW she has to defend her title against a rookie like Bianca Belair. Flair says there must be a conspiracy against her because Belair has two title opportunities this week and people think Charlotte is entitled? She says she already beat her so it’s all favouritism, and tells Belair to get to the back of the line. Flair admits Bianca has beaten Banks and Bayley, and Becky needed help to do it, but she can’t beat the mountain.

Bianca Belair comes out to the stage and gets a chant from the fans. Bianca says there is no conspiracy or favouritism, it’s just desserts. And in case she doesn’t remember, she had Charlotte beat until Becky Lynch saved her. Belair walks down to the ring and tells Charlotte she’s moaning but it’s Okay because she’s the one to watch. As for farewells, Charlotte needs to say goodbye to that RAW Women’s Championship tonight. But she should use that pain to make herself tougher, rougher, and a bit kinder, because she’s taking the title to Crown Jewel and when she returns she’ll have gold on both shoulders.

Belair asks Flair, “how was that, for a rookie?” Charlotte attacks Belair and takes her own shoes off. Flair looks for a big boot but Bianca avoids it, then lifts her up for the K.O.D but Charlotte slides off. Flair goes to the apron but Belair handsprings into them and knocks her off. Charlotte regroups on the floor and Belair dances with her hair in hand.

New Day is interviewed backstage and Xavier Woods says his King of the Ring Tournament semi-final is of the utmost importance to him. It’s his destiny to be King of the Ring, following in the steps of greats like Mabel, Ken Shamrock and Booker T. Kofi says he’s going out there with Woods to make sure Veer and Shanky don’t get involved like they did last week. Kofi says Martin Luther King had a dream, but it’s Xavier’s dream to be King. That match is up next!

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King of the Ring Tournament


Xavier Woods W/Kofi Kingston Vs. Jinder Mahal W/Veer & Shanky

The match gets underway with a lock-up and Woods takes the back but gets slung off. Mahal kicks Xavier but gets tripped onto the middle rope. Woods hits a hanging dropkick to Jinder’s back, then punches him in the corner. Mahal shoves Woods back and hits a shoulder tackle, then takes him down with a side headlock. Woods fights up and hits a tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep, then a dropkick. Mahal lands a back suplex, then Woods rolls him up for a two. Woods hits another roll-up for two but Mahal then throws him over the ropes adhe hits the steel steps!

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Back live and Mahal is punching Woods, who is standing on the apron. Woods punches Jinder and jumps into the ring but gets caught with a gutbuster. Woods starts fighting back and kicks Veer on the floor, then goes to the top rope. Woods jumps but Jinder catches him with the Khallas! Mahal covers but Woods grabs the bottom rope. Jinder puts Woods on the top rope but gets elbowed away. Woods walks along the ropes and hits the flying elbow drop for the win!

Winner: Xavier Woods

The final of the King of the Ring Tournament is set, and it will see Xavier Woods face Finn Balor at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Austin Theory was interviewed backstage earlier today. Theory says he used to look up to Hardy but last week he was looking down at him. Suddenly Reginald and a bunch of others run past and Reggie avoids them. R-Truth grabs Reggie but Austin Theory shoves him. He asks R-Truth if he knows who he is and Truth says “I have a theory”. Truth asks if he wants to take this to the ring and Austin says he does.

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We see a video package for the upcoming No Holds Barred Match between Bobby Lashley and Goldberg at Crown Jewel. We’ll get an interview later tonight.

Austin Theory is in the ring waiting. R-Truth comes out and introduces Truth’s real opponent… Jeff Hardy!

Austin Theory Vs. Jeff Hardy

The bell rings and Theory forces Jeff back to the corner as the fans chant for Hardy. Theory hits a shoulder tackle and mocks Jeff but gets rolled-up for a near-fall. Hardy knocks Theory back and rolls him up again with the tights but Austin kicks out and complains. Jeff dropkicks Theory and he rolls outside. Jeff goes to the apron but Theory trips him. Theory drags Jeff under the bottom rope and hits a swining neckbreaker on the floor!

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Theory slams Jeff down and stomps him, before missing an elbow drop. Hardy trips Theory, then hits a leg drop and a splash for a near-fall. Hardy sends Theory out of the ring, then hits a dropkick through the ropes. Hardy goes out and jumps off the steel steps with a leg lariat to Theory against the barricade. Austin goes into the ring and Hardy snaps him on the top rope, then heads up top. Theory hits the roeps to crotch Jeff, then picks him up for the ATL and scores the win.

Winner: Austin Theory

After the match Theory grabs his phone, then goes over to lay down beside Jeff and take a selfie. Theory gets up and shows the photo to the camera, but Hardy then grabs him for a Twist of Fate! Hardy takes the phone and lays down to take a selfie.

Big E is backstage and Drew McIntyre approaches him. Drew says he saw the footage back and realised Big E didn’t mean to hit him, but he knew he was bust open and saw Big E, so what was he supposed to do? Big E says he didn’t help matters when he tagged himself in. So how about they work together tonight, then on Thursday may the best man win. Drew says he will, then Big E does his introduction before the entrance.

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Charlotte walks-in on Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville backstage. She complains that she isn’t getting a nice farewell and didn’t even get a say in her match against Bianca Belair. Deville denies a conspiracy but Charlotte says she can’t be replaced. So she’ll be taking the RAW Women’s Championship to SmackDown.

The Dirty Dawgs Vs. Drew McIntyre & Big E

Big E starts against Ziggler and slams him down face-first from a lock-up. Big E gets kicked and Dolph hits the ropes but is dropped with a shoulder. Drew tags in and chops Dolph in the corner. Ziggler starts firing back and tags Roode, who backs McIntyre into the corner and lands punches and chops. Roode whips McIntyre to the buckles but Drew bouncs out with a clothesline. Drew hits a suplex for a two-count and tags Big E.

Roode land some strikes on the Champion. Big E hits a shoulder tackle, then drags Roode under the bottom rope and forearms him over and over. Big E hits a running splash on the apron. Ziggler runs at Big E but gets caught and thrown over the barricade. Big E then runs at Roode but gets sidestepped and hits the steel steps. McIntyre tries to get Big E back to his feet as we head to the break.

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Ziggler tags in and continues the beatdown of the Champion. Ziggler takes a sleeper and rakes the eyes but Big E stands up and walks to McIntyre with Dolph on his back. Ziggler rakes the eyes again and slams Big E for a two-count. Ziggler hits a splash in the corner and the Dawgs use quick tags to isolate Big E. Dolph taunts McIntyre before hitting a splash. He tries another but Big E catches and throws him. Roode and McIntyre tag in and Drew hits some belly-to-belly suplexes to both Dawgs.

McIntyre hits a neckbreaker to Roode, kips-up, then hits Dolph with an inverted Alabama slam onto Bobby. McIntyre looks to make a tag but Dolph pulls him off the apron, then Roode hits a spinebuster. Dolph tags in and Roode throws him up in the air for a huge Fame-Asser to Drew for a near-fall. Dolph is whipped towards McIntyre but nobody’s home, then Drew drops Roode. Big E tags in and hits the Big Ending on Roode for the win!

Winners: Drew McIntyre & Big E

After the match Big E and McIntyre pose together, then start arguing and have a tense staredown.

The Street Profits are backstage and Montez Ford says they’re about to take rRAW by storm. He asks Dawkins if he’s ready for Crown Jewel and they say they’re most interested in the RAW Tag Team Titles match. Ford says they’re demanding the smoke but then AJ Styles and Omos appear. AJ says these two dorks are undoing the dignity they’ve tried to bring to RAW. AJ says they’re going to be the next Tag Team Champion’s and RK-Bro will be a distant memory. The Profits laugh at him and says they’re putting everyone on notice.

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Mansoor Vs. Cedric Alexander w/Shelton benjamin

Alexander grabs a side headlock at the outset but Mansoor shoots him off and takes him down for a standing moonsault and a two-count. Cedric hits an exploder suplex, followed by a backbreaker. Alexander continues the beatdown with mounted punches, then a rear chinlock. Mansoor fights up and counters a back suplex to hit an enziguiri. Mansoor hits a neckbreaker, then Alexander sends him to the apron. Mansoor comes over the ropes with a spinning neckbreaker for the win!

Winner: Mansoor

Mustafa Ali comes out as soon as Mansoor’s match is over. Ali is wearing a suit and he says Mansoor is still smiling like a fanboy, after all he’s done. So, this Thursday in Mansoor’s hometown, he’ll wipe that smile from his face. Mansoor shouts at him to shut up and to look at him. He’s not smiling now but he will be on Thursday when he beats him senseless. Mansoor speaks in Arabic to finish his promo.

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Bobby Lashley and Goldberg have a split-screen interview. Goldberg cuts Corey Graves off and says he isn’t threatening Lashley because he will do exactly what he said he would: beat Lashley to within an inch of his life, then finish the job. Lashley says that not only nonsensical but stupid. He could call the authorities but that’s not how the All Mighty handles business. He’s untouchable in the ring and at Crown Jewel things will end the same way they did at SummerSlam.

Lashley mentions Gage and Goldberg tells him to be careful because he’s going to hurt him more. Goldberg says it’s 72 hours until he gets his hands on him. Lashley says Goldberg will be on his knees begging for forgiveness and mercy. Up until now, Goldberg has fought Lashley with restirctions, but on Thursday there’s nothing stopping him from ending Bill’s career. Lashley rips his microphone off and walks away. Goldberg wishes him safe travels and says he’s dead.

RK-Bro is backstage and Riddle is saying Orton is such a good actor he might win an Oscar someday. He worried Orton wouldn’t help him last week but he knew deep down there was a plan. Orton says, for the love of God, there was no plan, but Riddle still doesn’t believe him. Riddle asks what the plan is for the Street Profits and Orton says the plan is to go to the ring and win. Which is the same plan for Crown Jewel. Orton asks Riddle if he wants the smoke and, of course he does.

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RK-Bro Vs. Street Profits

Riddle and Ford start things off and Riddle takes him down with a wrestling slam. Ford catches Riddle with a dropkick and tags Dawkins for one of his own. Dawkins throws Ford over his shoulder onto Riddle for a two-count. Ford tags back in and they want a double suplex but Riddl lands on his feet. Orton drags Dawkins out of the ring and slams him into the apron. Riddle tosses Ford to the outside, then hits a springboard floating bro to Dawkins. Ford then comes flying over the ropes onto RK-Bro and everyone is down at ringside.

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Randy is methodically beating on Montez as we return. Riddle tags in to continue the beatdown Orton was doing on Ford. Riddle lifts Ford and spins around in circles over and over before hitting a gutwrench slam. Ford hits an an enziguiri and makes the hot tag to Dawkins. Riddle and Orton eat forearms from Dawkins, then a leg-trapped slam to Riddle. Dawkins hits the Silencer for a near-fall. Riddle hits a Ripcord Knee and both men are down.

Orton and Ford both tag in and Randy connects with quick some clotheslines and a snap powerslam. Orton is fired-up and so are the fans as he hangs Ford on the middle rope and hits the draping DDT. Orton wants an RKO but out come Omos to cause a distraction, allowing Styles to come off the apron with a Phenomenal Forearm!

Winners Via Disqualification: RK-Bro

Omos takes out Riddle on the ramp, then chokeslams him on the apron. Omos comes inside and he hits Ford with a military press. Omos waits for Randy tog et up and hits a roundhouse kick.

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Queen’s Crown Tournament


Shayna Baszler Vs. Doudrop

Zelina Vega, who has already booked her place in the final, makes her way out to watch this match and dons the crown. They lock-up and Doudrop shoves Baszler back to the corner. Baszler lands some leg kicks but Doudrop throws her by the head. She tries it again but Baszler kicks her again. Doudrop hits a side suplex and follows-up with a cannonball in the corner.

Doudrop lifts Baszler up onto her shoulder but the Queen of Spades slides around and applies the Kirifuda clutch. Doudrop runs Baszler backwards into the corner, then slings her off. Doudrop looks for a crossbody but Baszler avoids it, then locks in the Kirifuda clutch again. Doudrop fights it for over a minute, then leans back and pins Baszler.

Winner: Doudrop

Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H welcome Bianca Belair to RAW and give her a RAW baseball cap. Nikki says if Belair needs some help they’ve got her back but she says she’s fine on her own.

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Finn Balor Vs. Mace

Xavier Woods is watching this one from the stage where he’s sat on the throne wearing the cape and holding the sceptre. Balor and Mace lock-up, and Mace sends Balor to the ropes and hits a back elbow. Mace stays in control, beating Balor with punches and elbows, until Finn tips him over and hits a double stomp. Balor hits an elbow DDT, then a slingblade and a shotgun dropkick. Balor goes up top and hits the Coup de Grace for the quick win.

Winner: Finn Balor

John Morrison is sitting backstage, meditating and the Vikign Raiders show-up. They ask what he’s doingand he says he’s looking for his chi. They ask will that help him raid and Morrison says it probably will but that’s not what he’s looking for. The Vikings can’t understand why you’d want something that wouldn’t help you raid.

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RAW Women’s Championship

(C) Charlotte Flair Vs. Bianca Belair

They lock-up and struggle for control, then Charlotte takes the back. Belair switches it around but Charlotte elbows her, then both women attempt dropkicks at the same time and kip-up simultaneously as well. Charlotte looks for a handshake but Belair doesn’t buy it, then avoids her and spanks herself. Belair leaps over Charlotte and shoulders her in the corner. Flair is sent to the apron and Belair dropkicks her. Charlotte drags her from the ring and tosses her over the announce desk.

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Charlotte hits a back suplex, then does a handspring moonsault but Belair gets her knees up. Belair then does a handspring moonsault of her own before a stalling vertical suplex. Charlotte rolls Bianca up for a two-count, then powerbombs her for another. Flair walks over Bianca to climb the ropes. She hits the moonsault for a near-fall and she’s bleeding from the mouth.

Belair catches Flair with a big spinebuster and looks for the pin but Charlotte rolls out. Flair crawls to the timekeeper’s area but Belair goes out and brings her back inside. Charlotte rolls right back out and this time Belair runs out and batters her with forearms, then throws her over the announce desk. Belair gets back inside and poses as we head to the final break.

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Charlotte lands lots of forearms on Bianca as we return. Belair catches her with a roll-up for a near-fall, then Charlotte hits a big boot. During the break Flair dove over the ropes onto Belair. Bianca rolls to the apron and Charlotte grabs her but gets elbowed away. Belair goes to the top rope but Flair punches her off to the floor. Charlotte goes up top and hits a moonsault to flatten her. They get back inside and exchange back-and-forth, then Belair hits a release Glam Slam for a near-fall!

Belair wants the Kiss of Death but Charlotte grabs the ropes. Flair snaps her on the ropes, then comes back in and connects with a spear for a close near-fall. The fans chant “this is awesome” as Charlotte grabs Belair’s braid and pulls it with a boot on her shoulder. Flair goes up top for the moonsault again and Bianca rolls out of the way, then his a release German suplex for another near-fall. Belair can’t believe it. She goes to the top rope but Charlotte trips her up, then climbs up with her. Flair wants a superplex but Bianca fights her. Belair jumps over for a sunset-flip powerbomb and a near-fall. Flair rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair and hits Bianca with it!

Winner via disqualifcation: Bianca Belair

Belair grabs the chair off Flair and hits her with it. Flair rolls outside and Belair poses with the chair to end the show. Belair will face Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks in a Triple Threat on Thursday at Crown Jewel. And we’ll have live coverage of the PPV right here at Ringside News!

That’s it for this week’s RAW, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for NXT, then on Thursday for the Crown Jewel PPV. Until next time, stay safe.

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