Working with Brock Lesnar in any capacity is a big deal for just about any pro wrestler out there. For Dominik Mysterio, a legacy wrestler trying to establish his own path, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Mysterio needed something besides being Rey Mysterio’s son to get him sympathy as a babyface.

He couldn’t possibly have imagined that he’d be working with The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. It wouldn’t have ever crossed his mind, according to an interview with Mysterio on the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin.

“My dad had told me that we were going to do something with somebody but didn’t mention who, didn’t mention what,” Mysterio told Satin, “He just said we were going to do something with somebody.  I’m starting to think who we can work with or what’s going to happen, Brock [Lesnar] never came to mind.”

Mysterio said that no matter how hard he tried, his father wouldn’t let him in on the secret. Rey wanted Dominik to be surprised.

“We were driving to Phoenix, Arizona where I was going to be in the crowd and I was like, ‘Are you going to tell me now who we are wrestling or what’s the deal?’ He goes, ‘You’ll see when we get there.’ We end up getting there and next thing you know, I’m getting tossed around by Brock. So, everything was a surprise for me.”

The confrontation occurred on the September 30, 2019 episode of Raw. In the opening segment of a night that was supposed to see Rey Mysterio challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal title, Lesnar destroyed both Rey and Dominik. The main event was handed over to Rusev and Rollins was able to retain the championship.

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