Aubrey Edwards, despite experiencing criticism from some fans, has been very successful as referee with AEW. With Edwards also working with AEW Games, she appears to be a vital person to AEW, and AEW appears to have Edwards signed for longer. She is also Chris Jericho’s favorite AEW referee.

Edwards has appeared with AEW from the beginning, serving as the referee for the first ever AEW World Championship match in 2019. Edwards has continued to be a consistent referee for AEW’s major matches, and is likely to be for the foreseeable future.

Edwards appeared on the Into The Danger Zone podcast with Chris Denker. On the podcast, Edwards addressed fan criticisms but said that ultimately people within AEW are happy with her work, and she has received a contract extension.

“People have a lot of opinions of wrestling, but unless you’re in the discussion about the match, you don’t fully understand all of the things that are being talked about, right? Ultimately, if the wrestlers I work with are happy, and my bosses are happy — I got a contract extension this year. So clearly, I’m doing something good. If those are the people that ultimately determine my future, and if they’re happy, that’s all that matters. Making other people on Twitter happy? That’s just a bonus.”


With Edwards involved in both the main event scene and AEW Games, she appears to have a stable future in AEW. From what she said on the podcast, we can expect to see Edwards continue to officiate major AEW matches in the future.

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