Jose Alberto Rodriguez Chucuan, who wrestled in WWE as Alberto Del Rio and elsewhere as Alberto El Patron was indicted on charges of sexual assault and kidnapping in January of 2020.

After many postponements due to the filing of further documents, the trial is finally set to occur on October 25th, as PW Insider reports. Said trial is set for San Antonio Texas.

Chucuan was arrested on the 9th of May of 2020 for allegedly assaulting a woman sexually after discovering that she had slept with another man. Her name has been kept out of reports to protect her identity, apparently.

Supposedly, El Patron assaulted her, striking her across the head repeatedly and then proceeded to hold her against her will, tying her up and assaulting her in a sexual manner for an alleged 16 hours, as TMZ reported previously.


However, on social media, the victim came forward, apologizing to El Patron (Chucuan) and his family for what she was claiming. Chucuan’s brother then publicly responded on social media to state that that there was admission enough that the assault she claimed to have happened was fabricated by her.

When approached, Chucuan seemed rather confident that the charges would be dropped, hinting at the possibility that the accuser had taken the accusation back.

Despite his confidence, the trial is still set to go on as scheduled on the 25th. If convicted, he can serve up to life in prison.

Recent reports have been made that Chucuan intends to return to the ring in a professional wrestling capacity. He most recently (2019) fought in the mixed martial arts promotion, Combate Global.

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Domenic Marinelli

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