CM Punk expressed his desire to compete in the Owen Hart Memorial Cup tournament, saying he intends to wrestle Kenny Omega for AEW’s top title. This is obviously a prize that many AEW stars are vying for.

During an interview with Sport1, Punk spoke at length about AEW’s newly-formed relationship with the Owen Hart Foundation.

“I knew about it beforehand, but it still hit me like a truck when I read the press release just because I think it’s such a staggering and monumental bridge.”

“I think it goes a long way to show and prove that Martha always wanted Owen’s memory to be revered and his legacy preserved. It just couldn’t be at WWE and if you really look at it, it makes a lot of sense.”


The 42-year-old said holding the tournament in AEW would allow fans and Martha to celebrate the legacy of Owen Hart. “There just wasn’t an outlet or a place to do it before. Now there is. It got me,” he said. Punk added he got emotional while reading the press release of the whole initiative.

With regards to competing in the tournament and challenging for AEW’s top prize, Punk said he wants to “do both.” Though he doesn’t know what direction the tournament will be taking, Punk said he wants to compete in the tournament.

“I want to be in that tournament, 100%. I don’t know if it’s just going to be for the younger, not so on the map high-fliers, I’m not sure how that’s going to go. I look at my career as being, I haven’t wrestled for seven years, I can’t come in and challenge for a world title right away.”

“I look at the situation with Bryan Danielson coming in and wrestling Kenny Omega in his first match, but it wasn’t for the title. When I wrestle Kenny Omega, it’s gonna be for the title and I’m not going to need 30 minutes to beat him.”

The Chicago native wrestled another match for the company on the October 8th edition of AEW Rampage. Punk took on upstart Daniel Garcia in a solid bout that lasted 14 minutes. We will have to see if the two meet again in a battle for the Owen Cup.

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