Chelsea Green has been very open about her life. She isn’t afraid to talk about anything, may it be working out with new boobs or talking about the bad parts of her journey at WWE.

Green has been trying to secure an account at OnlyFans. The platform is famous among many celebrities, models and artists. It allows them to offer exclusive content to fans for a subscription fees. Green made an attempt to join the trending website again, but it didn’t pan out at all.

Chelsea Green took to the Twitter page of her “Green with Envy” podcast where she revealed to guest Alistair McGeorge of UK Metro about her first rejection.

We don’t know why they denied me but apparently it’s not totally unusual! A couple of my friends said they were denied the first time too. I’m going to reapply and see what happens!


Green did re-apply, but her application was rejected once again. She took to Green with Envy Twitter page to announce to fans once again. She said:

Apparently 0nly F@ns doesn’t wanna take my money… SECOND REJECTION!

Green has spoken a lot about her WWE release, revealing that her constant pitching of ideas was what landed her in trouble. Green also got into trademarking battle with WWE, which they dropped after she took the matter to Twitter.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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