The wrestling community was shocked by the abrupt departure of Scott D’Amore from the role of TNA President. He was such an important figure in the promotion and now Don Callis has commented on D’Amore’s firing.

Anthem Sports & Entertainment Inc. created tension in the wrestling community by naming Anthony Cicione as the new President of TNA Wrestling, displacing the long-serving President Scott D’Amore. D’Amore’s departure signaled the conclusion of an era during which he played a crucial role in steering TNA through numerous changes and challenges.

Scott D’Amore served as co-executive vice president from 2017 to 2021 alongside Don Callis. During an interview with Sunday Night’s Main Event, Callis responded to news of D’Amore’s exit, implying that he hadn’t been informed of the decision.

When asked about the situation, Callis said he didn’t know about D’Amore’s departure, noting that they no longer keep in touch. Callis had no sympathy, stating that he wouldn’t shed tears for a multi-millionaire.


”What news? Scott’s not with TNA anymore? I don’t talk to Scott (D’Amore) so I don’t know. No (we’re not in touch anymore). But, but, here’s the thing, Scott D’Amore is five-foot-eight, but when he stands on his wallet, he’s 7 feet tall. So Scott D’Amore, we’re not having any tag days here for Scott D’Amore, no food stamps. If he lost his job, I don’t shed a tear because I don’t shed a tear for multi-millionaires, who now (is) just gonna play more golf. Scott’s a smart guy but I mean, you know, no tears here so, but I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know. 

Can we send Scott D’Amore a card? A get-well card or something? I don’t know. What do people do? You send a get-well card or a congratulations or what? What kind of thing do you do? I’m not good with emotions. What type of emotion are you supposed to feel if someone loses their job? Nothing? Okay, well that’s where I’m at.

Scott D’Amore’s TNA firing was also in the works long before it was officially announced. He could also be involved in new pro wrestling venture after his TNA firing. Only time will tell whether he will make his pro wrestling return this year.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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