AEW featured a death match on Dynamite and they brought in the King to make it happen. Nick Gage was pegged to take on Chris Jericho in a match that turned into a total bloodbath, one that Le Champion won with his Pain Maker gimmick. It turns out that match kind of got away from them.

While speaking with Stephanie Chase, Chris Jericho explained that his match against Nick Gage was never intended to be as bloody as it was. Gage didn’t bleed, but Jericho sure did. That was the intention, but there was certainly more blood than they they originally planned.

“I don’t think we expected the amount of blood that we had, sometimes that just happens. I didn’t go in there with the idea – if you notice, Nick Gage never had any blood. It wasn’t a double blood situation, I had blood, he did not. He may have had some cuts from the glass and stuff, but as far as actually bleeding, Nick did not. I didn’t want it to be this bloodbath. It turned into one, because of the glass and all that stuff, but there really wasn’t a lot.”

“I talked to him about the mist, when I blew the mist in Gage’s face, we discussed that. But other than that, we had an idea to use some light tubes and we actually adjusted the light tubes so there was no fluorescent powder, that dangerous fluorescent powder in there. That was not in there, just so you guys know. So, we kind of lessened the blow for a few of those things but when you’re taking bumps into glass, there’s no way to really make that more safe, you either do it or you don’t. It was something we’ve never seen on Dynamite before and we’ll probably never see it again. But in my opinion, it was a classic deathmatch, a classic match of that style,” Jericho proclaimed, “and [it was] a very, very, very big success as far as the number that we did, the reaction that we got, as far as the story that we told with the ‘Five Labours Of Jericho’ and that specific chapter.”

Nick Gage caused a lot of noise with that brutal match on AEW Dynamite. His pizza cutter spot also provided the perfect transition to a Domino’s Pizza commercial, a move that might have cause a bit of heat from one of AEW’s sponsors.

We’ll have to see how long it takes for AEW to book another death match, but Chris Jericho seems to have retired from the genre.

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