AEW presented a bloody war between Chris Jericho and Nick Gage during Dynamite this week. That battle also included a commercial break, and they aired a Dominos commercial right after Nick Gage went to work on Le Champion’s scalp with a pizza cutter. Dominos was not amused by this unintended perfect timing.

Dominos said that they are going to assess their sponsorship options after AEW Dynamite this week. The pizza chain didn’t like the use of a pizza cutter in that way. PBR didn’t seem to mind and they took to trolling Dominos over it.

The Pabst Blue Ribbon Twitter account sent out several tweets to troll Dominos and make it know that they would have no problem sponsoring a death match. “This ain’t it Dominos,” the account replied to the initial article from FOS about how upset the pizza chain is. “Yo @AEWonTNT let us get those spots,” they also tweeted.

PBR followed that up by posting a Pabst Blue Ribbon branded pizza cutter while proclaiming in the caption: “Gang affiliated.” Finally, the account showed that PBR is officially deleting the Dominos app while saying: “Future endeavored,” in the caption.

It seems that this subject isn’t over yet, because we still have to wait and see if Dominos commercials appear during AEW Dynamite in the future. Fans might just see some PBR commercials instead.

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Felix Upton

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