Chris Jericho’s accolades in the pro wrestling world speak for themselves. He is also proud to be working in AEW and isn’t afraid to show it. Being veteran in the business, he doesn’t really have much care about what his haters have to say.

At AEW Fight For The Fallen, Chris Jericho was pushed to his absolute limits as he faced off against Nick Gage in a No Rules match. To the surprise of no one, the deathmatch legend Nick Gage made sure the match was going to be an extremely brutal affair, full of glass panes, light tubes and pizza cutters.

In the end, Chris Jericho survived somehow and defeated Nick Gage. Many fans showered praise on Chris Jericho for doing such a match despite being 52 years old and having no need to do it.

While speaking on a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, Chris Jericho talked about his match against Nick Gage and recalled the spot where he thought he might have had to kill Nick Gage.


“We had a spot in our match — it wasn’t really a spot. Obviously, ours was on TV, so it’s a little different than yours because there’s a time constraint, and I think Nick was a little nervous for that reason. Plus, we drew over a million people. So, it’s obviously the biggest crowd he’s ever wrestled in front of in TV land, and he gave me a piledriver on the glass and smashed the stuff over me. And then he breaks the glass, and he kind of sticks me with it.

And then, before he goes to get more light tubes, he comes back and do it some more. And I’m like, ‘You’ve done it enough, dude.’ He came back the second time, and this time, he was really getting me. If you see this one here, this is not a razor. It’s not a gimmick. It is a literal light tube glass abrasion from that sticking, and that’s why I was like, if this motherf*cker keeps going. I’m going to have to kill him because enough’s enough already. But I don’t think he was doing maliciously. That’s just him in this zone.”

Chris Jericho also previously made it clear that he’s done with deathmatch wrestling for good and we can certainly understand why. Jericho’s final match could be against MJF at All Out if he is unable to win.

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h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes.

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