WWE has two separate brands with unique rosters. They also have two different network homes to keep happy in the process. This is a tricky dance and a brand split is instituted to keep Superstars exclusive to each brand. With the 2021 WWE Draft coming up, the brand split will be on full display.

According to a report from Fightful Select, USA Network “enjoys” the unique rosters. The thought is that fans will have to tune into their network in order to see those specific Superstars. This is an arrangement that isn’t going away.

Those that we spoke with at USA Network noted that they enjoy the unique rosters a brand split provided, and that the prevailing thought is that they prefer that continue.

WWE is in a constant balancing act to keep their networks happy. One source reportedly gave an NFL comparison that “ideally, every network would want Tom Brady, but they won’t get him every week.” Top stars like Roman Reigns might float to the other brand for a special appearance, but they generally keep things the way they are for a reason.

There will always be fans who argue against having a brand split, but it is about more than just keeping fans happy. After all, the company has network partners that they must keep happy in the process. Those network partners are the ones laying down huge money on television deals.

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Felix Upton

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