JBL has had a legendary career in WWE, and he still continues to further it by being a frequent commentator and analyst. The former WWE Champion took to protecting John Cena over his China apology and even accused The Undertaker of mistreating him.

The WWE Hall of Famer also stands accused of bullying Mauro Ranallo during his time in WWE. However, JBL addressed these rumors on an interview with Hannibal TV. He explained that it was decided upon in a few minutes before a show, and it was all for the storyline.

We did this show called Bring It To The Table and everybody points to that show being the point of me taking a shot at Mauro. Well, on that show, before we did it, there were about three to five minutes we needed for the show. They said, ‘What can we do?’. They said, ‘Hey, there’s this internet poll that makes Mauro the number one announcer. Can you do something on that?’. I said, ‘Yeah, of course’.

So I went on the show. I did a rant on the show about how they’re calling Mauro the number one announcer. He’s retweeted it, and blah, blah, blah, 100% in character, and people talk about that poll, and I was so jealous of that poll that I went on TV and talked about it. I didn’t know the poll existed until right before we went on the show and I just assumed Mauro knew that that was something I had done in character.


JBL then talked about how he thought the poll was not real. He said that he did it in character, and thought Ranallo considered the same. JBL is known for his dominating personality, and he says that everything he did was 100% in character.

That was just me being JBL on camera. I think Mauro took that the wrong way. I hope now he realizes that that was something that I did that was 100% in character. I saw Mauro a few weeks later, everything fell out and I became the bad guy with everything, and I saw him standing by his car on his phone. I think it was New Orleans. Anyway, I walked across the parking lot and he was on his phone so I couldn’t talk to him. But I shook his hand. I just went across, shook his hand and he said, ‘How you doing, man?’. I said, ‘Good, brother’, and I just left. (I wanted to) let him know that there was no ill-intent, at least me toward him.

John Cena recently credited JBL for teaching him valuable lesson. JBL recalled the time where he had fight inside a noodle shop in Japan and basically got away with it. He also recently gave props to Jake Paul for being the best in the heel business.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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