John Cena is a man of integrity who embodies hustle, loyalty and respect. However, after his recent apology to China for calling Taiwan a country, it seems John Cena has become a controversial figure due to the current political climate in China.

While many fans and pro wrestlers went after John Cena, stating that he’s a bootlicker for China, it seems a WWE legend has come to the defence of John Cena.

WWE Hall Of Famer JBL, with whom John Cena has had a longstanding feud in WWE for years, took to Twitter and defended Cena. JBL pointed out all the charity work and good deeds Cena has selflessly done over the years and added that he is in Cena’s corner.

.@JohnCena has granted over 600 Make a Wishes-a record. Supported cancer research, rise above hate campaign, a million of his own dollars for racial equality. He has fought tirelessly for equality. An incredible track record of making the world better. I’ll stand with this guy.


There is certainly no denying of all the good deeds that John Cena has done over the years, but it is unlikely that will change the opinion of people who have now lost respect for Cena due to his apology to China.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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