It’s Tuesday night and that means a brand new episode of WWE NXT for September 28th, and Ringside News has you covered with live play-by-play results coverage. Start time for NXT is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight’s NXT will be a lady-heavy one, which will be headlined by Raquel Gonzalez Vs. Franky Monet for the NXT Women’s Championship. The Women’s Tag Team Championship’s will also be on the line as Io Shirai and Zoey Stark defend against Toxic Attraction’s Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne.

B-Fab of Hit Row and Elektra Lopez of Legado Del Fantasma will also be in action, while former WNBA player Lash Legend will debut with a new talk show. The only male action currently announced for the show is Roderick Strong defending the Cruiserweight Championship against newcomer Grayson Waller. And last but not least, we will see footage from the honeymoon of Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis!

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!

NXT 2.0

This week’s NXT 2.0 opens with Hit Row making their way to the ring and B-Fab is about to be in action. Adonis says it’s all about the ladies tonight and it’s an honour to be in the presence of the ladies. Hit Row talk about the matches on the show tonight and joke about the other wrestlers. B-Fab says tonight the spotlight is on her and she’s going to beat the brakes off Elektra like she owes her money. And if you didn’t know, now you know.

No Disqualification Match

B-Fab W/Hit Row Vs. Elektra Lopez W/Legado Del Fantasma

As Elektra is making her entrance B-Fab jumps out of the ring and attacks her. They fight their way into the ring and B-Fab takes control. B-Fab knocks Elektra out of the ring and jumps off the apron with an axe handle. Elektra starts firing back with right hands and gets a steel trash can from under the ring. B-Fab attacks her but Elektra shoves B-Fab int the steel steps. As both wmen are down, Legado Del Fantasma and Hit Row start brawling at ringside until WWE officials rush down.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Hit Row and Legado Del Fantasma have been ejected from ringside. Elektra is choking B-Fab in the corner with a boot. Elektra goes outside and gets a table from under the ring but B-Fab comes out and kicks it out of her hand. Each of them grab an end of the table and Elektra thrusts it into B-Fab’s gut. B-Fab shoves Elektra into the ring post, then attacks her left leg using the table legs.

They get some chairs and a Kendo stick in the ring and Elektra body slams her onto a chair a couple of times. Eleketra sets a chair with the legs facing up but B-Fab attacks her with the Kendo stick. B-Fab turns the chair upright but Elektra hits a crossbody to her through the chair! Elektra lifts B-Fab and hits a gutbuster onto another chair. Elektra hits a sit-out powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Elektra Lopez

We see a video of Indi Hartwell and Deter Lumis on their honeymoon. They’re on the beach playing games and making sandcastles. Johnny Gargano and Candace LeRae are in a nearby hotel, watching with binoculars. Gargano says he’s happy they’re having good, clean fun but Candace reminds him what they did on their honeymoon. Indi asks “sexy Dexy” to meet her in the water and things get heated. Suddenly a shark fin appears in the water and Lumis carries her out of the water. Of course, the shark fin is Gargano wearing a cap.

*Commercial Break*

Joe Gacy is sat in the ring and he reiterates that the ring is still a safe space. He made a huge impact last week and he has not been cancelled. He made a bigger impact than the likes of Tommaso Ciampa or Bron Breakker. And he did so only with his words. He speaks for a generation that nobody understands except the enlightened ones. Everyone else is living in an obsolete world. And last week he saw a lot of triggered faces but he doesn’t understand because he is inclusive. No one person can change the world but he’s here to usher in the new normal.

Xyon Quinn Vs. Oney Lorcan

The match gets underway and Lorcan runs into a shoulder and falls. He shoves Xyon’s face, then gets pushed over the ropes to the floor. Lorcan slides back in and starts attacking Quinn with European uppercuts and a chops in the corner. Lorcan chops the throat of Xyon before hitting a chop block. Quinn fights up from a sleeper and hits an inverted atomic drop followed by a lariat. Quinn hits a shoulder tackle in the corner and lifts Lorcan for a Samoan drop. Quinn hits a running forearm for the win.

Winner: Xyon Quinn

*Commercial Break*

MSK are in the ring for an interview. They’re asked what’s next for them and Nash says they’re going to continue to smoke the division. Wes Lee says they’re still fighting champion’s and it doesn’t matter who steps up, they’re going to get knocked back. The Grizzled Young Veterans come out and Drake laughs at the idea of them being fighting champion’s.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick come out and Hayes says you can’t talk about championships without discussing him because he’s got the golden ticket. Gibson asks Hayes and Trick what they said and says the line in the tag division starts behind them. MSK tell them both to shut up. Wes says Hayes and Trick can cash-in that contract if they want and get proven wrong. And they’ve already proven to Grizzled Young Veterans that they’re the better team but they can go again if they want.

One of NXT’s newest tag teams, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen, come out and say they’d like to be part of this conversation too. Trick tells them to get their hick asses outta there, so Briggs hits Trick. All the teams start brawling until MSK leap over the ropes onto Grizzled Young Veterans, Hayes and Trick. All four teams stare each other down to close the segment.

Raquel Gonzalez is interviewed backstage. She says Franky Monet is a good opponent but she’s about to be another name checked off her lsit. Gigi Dolan, Jacy Jayne and Mandy Rose walk past and Mandy stops to look at the NXT Women’s Championship. She says it looks good on Raquel but it would look a lot better on her.

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(C) Io Shirai & Zoey Stark Vs. Toxic Attraction W/Mandy Rose

Dolan and Shirai start and Io takes a headlock. Shirai hits a shoulder tackle but Dolan comes back with a headscissors. Shirai shotgun dropkicks Gigi into the corner, then Jayne tags in and talks some trash. Jacy kicks Io in the gut and shoves her face. Shirai beats Jayne into the corner and Zoey tags in. Stark sweeps Jacy down and the two exchange roll-up attempts. Stark gets caught with a hip toss but fires back with some chops.

Stark is sent to the apron, ducks some punches, and drops Jayne with a heel kick before landing a springboard moonsault for a two-count. Dolan tags in and hits Stark with a penalty kick for a two-count. Starks lands a jawbreaker and a clothesline. Shirai goes to the top rope for a missile dropkick at the same time that Stark hits a springboard dropkick. Shirai tags in and looks for a suicide dive but Gigi hits a forearm in mid-air. Stark dives off the top onto Jacy, then Dolan dives onto Stark, and Io dives between Dolan and Jayne and they fall anyway.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Gigi is beating Shirai. She hits a headscissors and Io falls on the middle rope where Jacy hits a running knee. Jayne tags in and continues beating Shirai but eats a boot and Stark comes in hot. Zoey knocks Gigi off the apron and hits Jayne with a running knee. Dolan beaks the pin and Stark clotheslines her over the ropes. Jayne lands a right hand but Stark lifts her for a fireman’s roll. Stark wants a phoenix splash but Jayne avoids her and lands a neckbreaker.

Shirai returns against Dolan and hits a flapjack, followed by a 619. Shirai goes to the apron and lands a springboard dropkick for a near-fall. Shirai locks-in a crossface but Mandy puts Dolin’s foot on the ropes. Tag to Zoey and she springboards in but gets caught, then Jayne lays Shirai out with a pump kick. Jayne hits a German suplex for a near-fall. Stark hits a pumphandle facebreaker, then makes the tag to Shirai. Zoey hits a tope to the floor on Dolan while Io goes up top for a moonsault and the pinfall.

Winners: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark

We get a video package for the impressive new NXT star, Bron Breakker. In the video he says he’s not in NXT to make friends, he wants the NXT Championship and he doesn’t plan on waiting long.

*Commercial Break*

Tommaso Ciampa cuts a promo from his home in which he says he is the 2X NXT Champion. He’s received Breakker’s message loud and clear but it took him 908 days to get Goldie back and she’s going nowhere. No-one has ever beaten him for the NXT Championship, and no-one ever will.

Boa W/Mei Ling Vs. Andre Chase

They lock-up and exchange holds. Andre takes Boa down with a wristlock but he reaches the ropes. Boa hits some knees to the gut as he sends Chase to the ropes. Boa misses a kick to the head and Andre lands a neckbreaker. Andre stomps Boa and lands some mounted punches. Boa fires-up and lands a flurry of offence. Chase gets kicked out of the ring by Boa and starts shouting at Mei Ling, who sprays a mist in his face! Chase gets back in the ring and Boa hits a pressure point strike for the win.

Winner: Boa

We get another video from the honeymoon of Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis. Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano are talking about how the happy couple are headed to their hotel room and Johnny is concerned. Gargano gets a maid to open the room for him, saying he lost his key. Gargano goes through a suitcase and finds Indi’s underwear, then a long pack of condoms. Suddenly, Indi and Dexter enter their room and Gargano scrambles for a place to hide and picks the closet.

Indi jumps on the bed and tells Lumis to give it to her. Gargano thinks they are being intimate but they’re just having a pillow fight. Indi is ready for a nap now. Gargano, thinking they’re asleep, sneaks out of the closet and Lumis is wide awake. Lumis gives him a thumbs up and pulls the condoms out of his robe pocket and smiles.

NXT Cruiserweight Title Match

(C) Roderick Strong W/Diamond Mine Vs. Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller sneak attacks Roderick Strong to kick the match off. Grayson sends Strong to the floor. Roderick jumps on the apron but Waller knocks him right back off and Strong throws a fit while his crew try to console him.

*Commercial Break*

Back from commercial and Waller is still in control. Strong is sent to the corner but he hits an STO. Waller goes to the second rope but Strong shoves him over the ropes and to the floor. Back inside, Strong lands forearms and chops, then hard knees and stomps. Strong lifts Waller for a backbreaker for a two-count, then goes to a Cobra Twist. Grayson escapes and they exchanges pins for a minute before separating.

A capture backbreaker leaves Waller writhing and Roderick covers for two! Strong applies a reverse chinlock but Waller climbs to his feet. Strong cuts him off and lands a vertical suplex for a two-count. Arm-trap crossface from Strong but Grayson grabs the ropes. Storng is annoyed and he fires off some chops, then puts Waller up top. Roddy is knocked down and Grayson catches him with a missile dropkick.

Grayson lands some kicks and forearms, then slams Strong for a near-fall. Strong rolls to the floor but Waller lands with a tope and gets him back inside. Waller hits an Ace Crusher for another near-fall and he can’t believe it. Strong catches Waller off-guard with a flying knee for the pinfall and retains his Cruiserweight Championship!

Winner: Roderick Strong

LA Knight is interviewed backstage. He asks if he looks like a punk and says he’s the uncrowned NXT Champion and he’s not gonna let someone like Odyssey Jones roll in here and spew a bunch of BS about him, and he gives Jones one week to learn a very important lesson. Odyssey appears right behind him and promises that he’s never seen anyone like him. Andre Chase comes rushing past complaining about his loss, and that gives Knight a chance to jump Jones and beat him down!

*Commercial Break*

Couple, Cora Jade and Trey Baxter are interviewed backstage and she says she can’t wait to make her in-ring debut next week. Baxter is self-deprecating but Cora kisses him.

We get the first-ever edition of new NXT talk show – the first NXT talk show? – Lashing Out with Lash Legend. She welcomes us to her show and talks about the upcoming WWE Draft. She knows a little something about drafts because she got the rebound record in a single game and that earned her a WNBA draft spot. She asks about Jade and Baxter kissing in the locker room and says if Cora wants a real man she should get someone who looks like Ikemen Jiro. Legend awards the Lash Out of the week to Andre Chase and calls him a Pee Wee Herman lookalike and bets he won’t come do that to her.

Ridge Holland makes his entrance but Kyle O’Reilly jumps him! Pete Dunne runs out to join the brawl and we go to the break!

*Commercial Break*

Ridge Holland W/Pete Dunne Vs. Kyle O’Reilly

We’re back live and this match is already underway. Holland keeps O’Reilly down with a bear hug but Kyle gets his arm loose and reverses. O’Reilly is shot off and hits a crossbody but gets hit with a gutbuster. Holland hits an exploder suplex for a two-count. Holland reapplies the bear hug, then rams him into the corner. Kyle reverses with a guillotine but Ridge slips out. O’Reilly hits some cravate knees, a leg-sweep, charging forearm, then a shoulder-breaker and a dragon screw.

O’Reilly hits a running knee for a two-count, then shifts into a cross armbar but Holland has the hands clasped. Holland fights as O’Reilly struggles to hold the move. Kyle switches to a triangle choke but Holland deadlifts him and hits a buckle bomb to break it! Holland runs into a big boot but counters with a tilt-a-whirl slam for a near-fall. Holland hits a thunder fire powerbomb for another near-fall! O’Reilly rallies with some forearms, Axe and Smash, and heads up top. Pete Dunne tries to interfere but it backfires and O’Reilly hits a folding press for the win.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

After the match Dunne rushes in to attack O’Reilly and Holland joins in. Von Wagoner appears to help O’Reilly and they manage to clear the ring.

*Commercial Break*

NXT Women’s Championship

(C) Raquel Gonzalez Vs. Franky Monet W/Robert Stone & Jessi Kamea

The bell rings and they lock up. They break and shove each other for a moment, then lock up again. Gonzalez goes to work on the arm as fans chant lightly for both women. Monet takes the back but Gonzalez fights free. Monet takes Gonzalez to the mat with a headlock. Gonzalez powers up and slams Monet on her face before yelling at her. Monet laughs and gets back up. Gonzalez clobbers Monet with a forearm but Monet slaps her in the face.

Monet unloads in the corner and yells at the crowd. Gonzalez whips Monet into the turnbuckles hard, then catches her with a fall-away slam. Stone and Kamea pull Monet to the floor to regroup. Gonzalez goes outside, slaps Monet in the face and rolls her back in the ring. Gonzalez follows and unloads with more punches. Gonzalez lands a big powerslam for a two-count. Monet rolls back to the floor for another breather. Gonzalez follows and forearms her in the back again. Gonzalez walks up the steel steps with Monet’s hair in her hand but Monet sends her to the floor and she lands hard.

Monet runs Gonzalez into the edge of the apron and they mock her. Monet brings it back in at the 7 count for a near-fall. Monet shoves Gonzalez in the face and talks some trash. Monet takes Gonzalez to the corner and drops her with a clothesline. Monet with more offense and looks for a surfboard stretch. The referee asks Raquel if she wants to quit but Monet stomps her face into the mat. Monet covers for another near-fall and she’s getting angry.

Gonzalez catches a kick and starts a comeback with some clotheslines and a sidewalk slam. Gonzalez stomps Franky in the corner and hits the corkscrew Vader Bomb for a near-fall. Raquel looks for the one-arm powerbomb but Franky escapes. Monet knocks her down and nails a double stomp for a two-count. Monet kicks Gonzalez around and continues taunting her. Monet charges but Gonzalez catches her leg and drops her with the Chingona Bomb for the win!

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

After the match, Gonzalez poses with the title when out comes Toxic Attraction. They come face-to-face with Monet, Stone and Kamea, then tell them to get out. Monet and her crew walk away but Toxic Attraction attacks them from behind and lays them out. Toxic Attraction then surrounds Gonzalez in the ring. Gonzalez swings and knocks Dolin off the apron but Jayne and Rose attack her from behind. The Champion tries to fight them off but the numbers get the better of her.

Gigi Dolin comes in from behind with a chop-block to take the knee out. Fans boo as Toxic Attraction systematically destroys Gonzalez, who can’t fight back. Gigi and Mandy hold Raquel so Jayne can clobber her with a running shot. Rose picks up the NXT Women’s Title belt and raises it in the air as Toxic Attraction stands tall over Gonzalez.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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