Adam Cole was one of the mainstays of NXT television after debuting back in 2017. He competed in several of the brand’s best matches and he made lot of contributions to NXT as a whole.

Adam Cole was done with NXT after TakeOver 36 and shortly after that, Adam Cole’s WWE contract also expired, making him free agent. On top of that, he didn’t sign another contract with WWE, so he was free to do whatever he wanted to.

The Panama City Playboy had formed a bond with Triple H and Shawn Michaels during his time working in NXT and it seems Cole was very honest about his intentions in leaving NXT for AEW.

While speaking to Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, Adam Cole talked about his relationship with Triple H and Shawn Michaels and opened up about what he told them before leaving NXT for AEW.


“The nice thing about my relationship with him and my relationship with Shawn Michaels, they are so positive, like to this day positive. I had formed a bond with Hunter [and] with Shawn that I would like to think and they had made it very apparent to me as well that it’s a relationship that we’re always gonna keep cause I love working with those guys.

[Triple H] knew what my goals were, what I wanted to accomplish, I think a big reason why I loved NXT so much was again, we had that freedom and that ability to wrestle super cool, longer matches and get to show ourselves off artistically and in that sense NXT was built on that mentality. I got in at the perfect time, at least for what I love about pro wrestling. He understood that I wanted to continue doing stuff like that, he knew my Twitch was super important to me and that’s a big no no in WWE, which is unfortunate. So I was very open and very honest with him.

To the point where when I was still thinking about what I was gonna do even when my contract was up, [Triple H] knew that and when the decision was made, he knew that and Shawn Michaels knew that so I have always been open and honest with them right out of the gate because they’ve always been open and honest with me. I love Hunter, I love Shawn Michaels. They made me better as a performer. I don’t think I’ll be where I’m at in AEW right now if it wasn’t for those two and I really mean that. When I think about the performer I was in the indies, as much as I learned and as much as the great people I got to work with, getting that four years with them was priceless. It’s absolutely priceless.

Booker T is all for Adam Cole becoming the AEW World Champion eventually. It remains to be seen whether Adam Cole will be as successful in AEW as he was in NXT or not.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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