Tony Khan has been doing lot of things for AEW to rise higher and higher in the ranks of pro-wrestling promotions. He even revealed recently that him taking more responsibility was something that changed AEW for the better.

Khan recently received a featured from Associated Press where his story was covered extensively. He spoke lot about being a fan of sports entertainment since a young age. He even wrote scripts for his own imaginary wrestling promotion, which gave him enough of a practice for having creative expertise while starting All Elite Wrestling.

Tony Khan was asked about what he feels about WWE and whether he’s been recognized by them or not. He revealed that he thinks he has, and said that AEW is the hotter brand out of the two.

Khan added in more extensive detail that AEW is a hot brand currently, and if someone is in the pro-wrestling business or even a fan, they know about the success story of AEW. He even said that AEW has been hitting highs in comparison to WWE.


I’m a big wrestling fan and I would say, objectively, AEW is the hottest wrestling company right now. So many people who watch wrestling know that AEW’s gaining ground, AEW is hitting all-time highs. It’s helping us build new fans, it’s helping people want to take the leap and check the shows out. I’m sure other wrestling companies are paying attention to that. We have great relationships with a lot of wrestling companies that know what’s going on with AEW. I think if you work in the wrestling business, you’re following what we’re doing and the success we’re having. We’re catching a lot of eyeballs outside of the world of wrestling and mainstream attention, so you better believe in the world of wrestling people are paying very close attention to it.

Max Caster recently shot out a challenge to Khan for rap battle. Tony Khan also made shocking headlines by saying that AEW is not making vaccination mandatory for its performers. He’s also recently claimed that AEW has the best talent in the business, so it’s definitely speaks volumes about the confidence behind AEW.

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