Big E has finally taken the lead after years and years of being in a tag-team trio with The New Day. Now that he’s at the forefront of the whole main roster while holding the WWE Championship Title, many would argue that the time for him to get serious is right now.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is also of the opinion that he should get serious. Taking to his “The Hall Of Fame” podcast, T gave feedback on Big E’s performance until now, and talked about the circumstances of his winning the championship.

When you call your shot, that’s one thing. Did it have the excitement of cashing in the Money in the briefcase from a surprise perspective?  I don’t think so because all of that was taken away earlier in the day. I said, ‘Let me watch and see if this actually happens’, then it actually happens. Was it the traditional way of cashing in? No, it wasn’t.

T then went around saying that he’s glad for Big E being the WWE Champion. However, he said that Big E still carries a lot of his energy from The New Day, but it’s time for him to make the right moves to immortalize his legacy.


Am I pleased to see Big E the champion? I am because I told Big E, ‘The cream rises to the top.’ I said, ‘Man, you got something.  Your day is going to come.’  That day is here,  He’s the champion now.  I say this also.  I say what he makes out of this moment is going to be his legacy, and what he leaves behind in this business as far as when he ran with the championship, and how special was that time. It’s going to be all up to him now.

Bobby Lashley recently revealed to Big E & Roman Reigns that they aren’t close to being done after his WWE Raw loss. It was also reported that Big E was supposed to be part of the Shield originally, but it didn’t pan out.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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