Tony Khan is the brains behind a lot of what goes down on AEW. He makes important calls, such as whether Hair V. Hair Divas match should happen between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa. Bryan Danielson & Adam Cole recently debuted on AEW, which he thought was a great debut. However, he revealed that he has something else up his sleeve.

Khan took to Busted Open Radio, where he said that he is working to make the AEW Women’s Division stronger. He also added that while he is adding newer and younger talent to the roster, it still needs some more work.

I really believe the division has gotten so strong and it’s gone on to be a real strength for AEW and we have a great Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker and we have some great contenders coming up and I have some real plans for the women’s division [that] I am very excited about. 

Tony then teased a couple of new matches he has planned for the roster. However, he clarified that nobody is yet aware of what exactly is he planning to do. He also credited Britt Baker for lot of the attention AEW has garnered. He continued:


Nobody knows about what this stuff is because I got some real great matches up my sleeve and some exciting plans. But what’s happening right now is tremendous and Britt has been a great champion but I have to say, in the time she’s been champion, we’ve had the hottest run we’ve ever had for ratings, live attendance, pay-per-view, it’s been real special. In that time, we’ve had our biggest free agent coming in, Ruby Soho. She’s got a great connection with the crowd…

Khan recently made a joke about NXT kicking pro-wrestling media out of television tapings. He made headlines after revealing that he has been talking to Lio Rush about AEW return, and recently offered Lee Moriarty an AEW contract.

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