Shane McMahon is involved in many ventures outside of WWE and one of them is apparently in the marijuana industry. The Godfather is a well-known weed smoker as is current star Matt Riddle. Vince McMahon would approve of WWE talent smoking weed according to Wright. After all, McMahon even sparked up doobie in front of Donald Trump at a concert.

With Marijuana still being considered illegal on a federal level, WWE’s Wellness Policy does not 100% condone weed, but they’re also not issuing suspensions for it. Any wrestlers who have smoked weed are still subject to a $2,500 fine.

In an appearance on the Midnight Hustle Podcast, Wright revealed the extent of Shane and Vince’s views on marijuana. Wright says that McMahon would allow and encourage his wrestlers to smoke weed if it was federally legal.

What you are failing to realize is that’s a big corporation and they answer to a lot of people so if they let people smoke weed, it’s not federally legal and you’re still breaking the law no matter if it’s legal in states. If it was up to Vince, Vince would have everybody smoking. Vince is no fool but he has people to answer to and it’s a big company. He just can’t say it’s okay to smoke weed because what happens if you go to a state where it’s not legal. They bring the police in, they test you and there’s a lot of legal things. It ain’t because Vince don’t want to. The second it becomes legal, Vince would be the first one on that wagon. I mean Shane owns a [Cannabis] co-op in California. A big co-op. [Vince is] not against weed, he’s a businessman. I’m telling you, I know this 100 percent, he would much rather see people smoke cannabis than all this other stupid sh** if it was up to him, believe me.


According to Wright, it seems that WWE’s policies about marijuana will only change if the federal laws change. With wrestlers being heavily punished and story lines forced to change in the past, WWE could greatly benefit from allowing wrestlers to smoke weed going forward.

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