The Rock made many friends in WWE, but that doesn’t mean he traveled with all of them. He was in a faction with the Godfather, then known as Kama, but their days on the road together was forced to an end.

The Godfather made an appearance on the Such Good Shoot podcast where he told the story of why The Rock suddenly stopped traveling together in WWE.

The Godfather (then known as Kama Mustafa) was a member of popular stable the Nation of Domination along with The Rock. Being together constantly the two frequently traveled together.

The Godfather said that the reason The Rock gave him as to why he no longer wanted to travel together was due to The Godfather’s frequent use of marijuana which The Rock took issue with and what eventually put an end to the pair’s time as travel buddies.


“One day Rocky came to me and said, ‘Hey, Papa, I can’t ride with you no more.’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean you can’t ride with me no f*cking more?’ He goes, ‘Bruh, everywhere I go I smell like weed and I’m telling people I don’t smell like weed. And then the next time they see me, they say every time I see you you say you don’t smell like weed, but you smell like weed!’”

After the confrontation, the Godfather said he made it clear that he had no intentions to stop using marijuana any time soon. The Godfather went on to travel with Bradhsaw and Farooq, while The Rock began to travel with D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry.

h/t to Such Good Shoot for the quotes

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