Pro wrestling has fans all over the world, but not all of them are thrilled to admit their guilty pleasure. People can sometimes view pro wrestling as a “lesser” entertainment source, and the stigma that comes with being a pro wrestling fan is all to real. RVD just did his part to help out one young fan who is dealing with this situation.

The Whole F’n Show logged onto Twitter and he saw a message from a concerned parent. This tweet dealt with their son who is a big pro wrestling fan, but they’re ashamed to admit it at school. Obviously, this is a relatable story for a lot of people.

“My son is afraid to show that he likes wrestling at school because he thinks he’ll get made fun of. He’s in 1st grade. Any encouraging words for him?” the worried parent asked the WWE Hall of Famer. Little did he expect it, but RVD replied back with some great advice.

I’d tell him to be strong enough to own his feelings without needing approval of, or the convincing of his friends or peers.


Pro wresting connects to its audience in a way unlike any other entertainment medium. We have seen peaks and valleys in viewership numbers, but it’s hard to deny a new surge of interest is on the horizon as AEW continues making a lot of noise while they bring in new and lapsed fans.

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Felix Upton

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