Becky Lynch has been off of the WWE programming since a long time. The WWE superstar gave her last TV appearance in May, 2020. After she relinquished her RAW Women’s Championship and announced her pregnancy, it’s yet uncertain when she’ll return.

WWE superstar and Lynch’s husband Seth Rollins himself appears not to know when she’ll be back. Ringside News has reported that Lynch is slated for an October return according to WWE’s plans.

Seth Rollins recently told Wrestle Radio Australia that he does not know when Lynch is likely to return. He did say that Lynch has trolled fans on many occasions by teasing her return, and this time probably won’t be any different.

I wish I knew. It is her goal to return at some point. When that’s going to be, we don’t know. She’s a timing person. Timing has to be right for her. I’m sure you guys will get some trolling posts this weekend as we approach the big event. She’s been keen to do that over the last few months just to mess with you guys.


Becky Lynch is going to attend the SummerSlam event, but it remains unclear when she’ll give an onscreen appearance. The Man gave birth to baby Roux in December, so she must’ve gained the proper physique to get back in the ring.

Lynch has been absent for a while now, but she’s still much talked about. Rollins claimed that he had better chemistry alongside Bayley than Lynch herself. Charlotte Flair recently revealed what she thought of the former WWE Women’s Champion.

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