Finn Balor is one of the most prominent WWE superstars. Having spent many years in NJPW as Prince DeVitt, the WWE Smackdown superstar is no stranger to working with different promotions. WWE has been releasing talent for while, and Balor is of the opinion that it might be good for some of them.

WWE has released 55 talents from the company, many of whom were not only pro-wrestlers but referees and announcers. Balor stated that even though he’s lost some of his friends in the releases, their future isn’t necessarily bleak.

Finn Balor spoke with Oliver Browning of The Independent and stated that it’s ultimately good for the talent to be released from WWE. While many of his friends were among those who got released, he said that some see it as “an opportunity.”

Obviously, you never want to see these things happen but this business is very controlled. A lot of my friends were on those lists. Some of them are seeing it as an opportunity.


The Demon Finn Balor himself went back to the main roster after he was called back from NXT in July. He talked about the difficulty in getting recognition at NXT, and how small promotions are a better place for growth.

It can be difficult to get minutes on NXT, it’s only a two-hour show. A lot of these people, it’s going to be for their benefit, to help them grow outside WWE. There are some incredible chances on the independents. You never want to see these types of things happen, I hate reading those lists, but you have to look at the positives of these situations, these people have been offered an opportunity to start again.

Finn Balor has been quite a presence in the main roster after his return. He demanded triple-threat match with John Cena and Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. Along with that, he claims that “The Demon” still has a future at WWE, and wants another run at NXT. Balor is one of the veterans in the world of pro-wrestling, but he’s as strong as ever.

What’s your take on WWE releasing so many Superstars? Can it be a good thing? Sound off in the comments!

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