Toni Storm went missing from NXT for weeks and fans were worried about her. Then WWE started airing vignettes to proclaim that her SmackDown debut was close. That caused fans to worry even more considering WWE’s track record with popular NXT Superstars.

Storm is just getting started on SmackDown and adjusting into the storylines. Then she was missing from last week’s edition of the blue brand’s show.

Ringside News asked around about this and we were told that Toni Storm was in Tampa for SmackDown. They simply didn’t use her during the show.

WWE is trimming the roster in a big way, and recent television appearances don’t seem to matter when it comes to WWE President Nick Khan and CFO Kristina Salen’s measures to trim the bottom line. Hopefully, we see Toni Storm again soon, but they didn’t have anything for her last week.


At 25-year-old, Toni Storm has her whole career ahead of her. She’s already been through a lot and seen a ton of accomplishments. It would help if WWE booked her so she can continue that journey.

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