Charly Arnolt is formerly known as Charly Caruso in WWE. She might have parted ways with World Wrestling Entertainment, but she hasn’t lost any admiration for Vince McMahon himself.

Many people have tried to dethrone Vince McMahon over the years from competition to the federal government. He is still going just as hard as ever, and that has not gone unnoticed.

While interviewing John Cena on the latest episode of ESPN’s First Take, Arnolt revealed why she thinks that Vince McMahon is undefeated.

Well, listen, I remember every time after we’d finish up with a show, I’d always run into his trainer in the lobby of the hotel, and he would be getting ready for their midnight training sessions. So, Vince McMahon stays busy, he stays working, he is certainly undefeated.


Caruso’s praises of the WWE CEO and Chairman are completely valid, because given that he has one of the most stressful jobs ever, McMahon finds the time to train and stay in shape.

John Cena also had some words to say on the matter of Vince McMahon, which you can check out here. Vince McMahon might be a controversial figure, but his name still commands a ton of respect.

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