Aalyah Mysterio and Buddy Murphy were part of one of the hottest angles going in WWE at the end of 2020. Then they were pulled from television once the two got together. It seems that WWE got what they wanted, and Seth Rollins’ hiatus created a void that creative didn’t know how to fill.

WWE didn’t pay much attention to Murphy’s name change either. They totally botched the entire plan and you can check that out here.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Murphy was very open about his storyline with Aalyah Mysterio. When it came to kissing her, he was not comfortable with it, but it was also business. Since Rey Mysterio seemed to be fine with it, Murphy carried on, but he had some very specific demands before doing so.

“I wasn’t comfortable kissing Aalyah. I did that because it was my job and it was gonna create more drama in the story. Originally, there was no kiss scripted and they went to talk about Vince about something and they came back and I’m sitting there and pitching it to me, and it was kinda like weird, but then they’re like ‘and then you kiss her.’ I thought they were joking. I look at the producers and they were serious and I’m like, ‘no way, how did you come back with this?!’ Because my whole thing was that I had to play it very, very carefully, especially the timing of the situation, right?”

“I said to them that I’m not going to express feelings for her, right? I can’t pursue her, she has to pursue me, because of the age difference you don’t make it any easier when you use my birthday in the message.”

“Now you’ve given people my information and people will look it up and go ‘how old is he? How hold is she?’ What?! Now you’ve given them the bad — I think them saying ‘happy birthday, by the way’ brought attention to that, basically outed that, so you know what I mean, like I wasn’t comfortable with it.”

“They didn’t help the situation by saying my birthday. I’m just kinda like ‘what does she think about this?’ They’re like, ‘she’s cool’ I’m like ‘WHAT?!’ Because I thought they were going to shoot it down. I’m like, ‘what about Rey?’ They’re like, ‘they’re okay with it.'”

Murphy said he was very “blunt” with them that he could not pursue her on television in a romantic way. That is how things played out as Aalyah seemed to be the one going out of her way to step in and protect Murphy. They eventually kissed on screen, and then the storyline was later dropped.

We have to wonder how far it would have gone if Murphy didn’t protest a bit at first. You can check out the story at around the 28 minute mark in the video below.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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