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Tonight’s SmackDown is set to be the final SmackDown inside the ThunderDome before WWE returns to touring. Confirmed for tonight are two Money in the Bank qualifying matches where Seth Rollins will face Cesaro and King Nakamura takes on Baron Corbin.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown begins with a recap of Edge’s surprise return and attack on Universal Champion Roman Reigns two weeks ago, and Edge’s beat down of Jimmy Uso on last week’s SmackDown.

Paul Heyman is seen backstage in front of Roman Reigns’ locker room. Jimmy Uso goes to enter the locker room but Heyman stops him and ensures Jimmy that he will receive Reigns’ full attention tonight.

Roman Reigns is seen backstage when he meets up with Paul Heyman, Heyman takes the championship belt from Reigns and Reigns makes his way out to the ring with Heyman by his side. Reings is handed a mic by Heyman and Reigns says that he knows a lot of the fans at home didn’t like the fact that Reigns was not present for last week’s SmackDown. Reigns says there was a lot he didn’t like about last week, but what he can’t stand the most is a liar like Edge claiming that Reigns fears Edge. Reigns says that he’s an honest man and admits that Reigns may have had a bit of fear in him for a brief moment at WrestleMania, but his fear caused him to rise up and win the match. Reigns says the only reason Edge got the better of him two weeks ago was Reigns’ lack of focus due to all of his family issues. Reigns mentions that now is a good time to handle some family business and out comes Jimmy Uso. Jimmy asks why Reigns thinks he got in Edge’s face last week. Jimmy says he did it for the family but he doesn’t recall Reigns being there. Reigns says that he never asked Jimmy to do anything for “us” and Reigns says he was busy doing what Jimmy couldn’t do, and coming out to the ring, making his return to SmackDown is Jey Uso. Jey say he is back, for all of the family. Jey says Reigns’ right hand man is back and Jey tells Jimmy it’s time to get back to work, and becoming seven time tag team champions. Reigns says that he’s said all along that he wants the seven time tag team champions and himself as Universal Champion, and the only way to do that is for them to work together, if they do it his way. Reigns holds his arms out and both Usos embrace Reigns in a family hug in the middle of the ring.

Baron Corbin is interviewed backstage. Corbin says he needs to win, he’s lost everything, he says he won the Money in the bnak match before, and that the championship opportunity that comes with winning the Money in the Bank match is the one thing that can turn his life around. Corbin walks out to the ring with no music or entrance graphics.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Corbin in the ring as Big E makes his way out to the ring not dressed to compete. Big E grabs a mic and invites Pat McAfee to sit with him in a couch at ringside. A video is played showing Nakamura and Rick Boogs arriving in what is said to be Corbin’s repossessed car. As Nakamura makes his enterance, Corbin runs out before the bell and attacks Nakamura.

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Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Baron Corbin VS King Nakamura

SmackDown returns with this match underway. Nakamura jumps from the top rope but is caught and hit with a knee strike by Corbin. Corbin picks up Nakamura from a suplex position and drops him to the ropes and covers for a two count. Nakamura dodges a lariat and hits Corbin with a drop kick. Nakamura hits a forearm in the corner and hits a running knee to the midsection and hits the sliding knee for the cover and a two count. Nakamua goes for a second sliding knee but Corbin catches Nakamura and puts him in a half Boston crab but Nakamura forces a rope break. Corbin hits a back suplex and covers for two. Nakamura hits a kick to Corbin’s head to knock him out of the ring. On the outside Corbin catches Nakamura and plants him with a brain buster to the announce table.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Corbin missing a corner spear to drive his shoulder into the post. Corbin hits the deep six and covers for a two count. Corbin hits a vertical suplex and covers for another two count. Corbin places Nakamura on the top rope but Nakamura rolls over and counters with a triangle choke. Corbin is able to get to his feet and hit a power bomb but Nakamura keeps the hold applied. Corbin falls over but his foot is under the bottom rope forcing the break. Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa but is hit with a lariat from Corbin. Nakamura hits a kick to the chest and hits the Kinshasa and covers for the three count.

Winner: King Nakamura

The Usos are talking backstage, Jey says that somebody like Edge causes the family to come back together and Jey asks Jimmy is he wants to handle some family business and tells Jimmy to think about it as Jey leaves.

*Commercial break*

Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina stand in the ring and say that they have been challenged to a non title match against a team that has never been seen before on SmackDown. Making their way out to the ring is Shotzi & Tegan Nox.

Natalya & Tamina VS Shotzi & Nox

Nox and Natalya start the match as Nox hits an armdrag and Shotzi is tagged in. Nox assists Shotzi to hit a cannonball to Natalya in the corner. Natalya makes the tag and Tamina hits a big boot with Shotzi on the middle rope. Tamina hits an elbow drop and covers for a two count. Natalya is tagged in and covers with Nox breaking the pin. Shotzi hits a running lariat and goes to the top rope and hits a back senton and covers for the three count.

Winners: Shotzi & Nox

Edge is interviewed backstage and he says that he does have a comment about the family reunion and says he will save it for tonight when he will call out Reigns.

Sonya Deville makes her way out to the ring as it is said that she will announce Bayley’s replacement for her championship match against Bianca Belair.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Sonya Deville in the ring. She says that she has to make an announcement she never wants to make. She announces Bayley’s injury and says that Bayley will not be competing at Money in the Bank. A video is aired with Bayley in a knee brace addressing the fans and claiming that her injury is the fault of the fans, and that whoever they replace her with is not as good as her. Deville announces that after careful consideration, Belair will no longer be defending her title at Money in the Bank, but will instead be defending her title next week on SmackDown, and that her opponent will be Carmella. Carmella makes her way out to the ring and grabs a mic and thanks Deville for the long over due and much deserved honor. Carmella says that in addition to being a two time Money in the Bank winner and next SmackDown Women’s Champion, she is also the most beautiful woman in WWE. Liv Morgan makes her way out and yet again is angry with Deville’s decision making and screams at Deville. Deville says that if Morgan just kept her mouth shut she would have heard that Morgan is Carmella’s replacement in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Morgan says that she hopes Carmella becomes champion so she can cash in on Carmella. Bianca Belair makes her way out and says that she will gladly accept Carmella as her challenger and says she doesn’t even know that Bayley’s injury is real, but if it is, she respects Bayley’s competitiveness and she looks forward to finishing her off when she returns.

Roman Reigns is approached by Paul Heyman backstage and Heyman says that they might have a problem, that it’s Edge intending to call Reigns out to the ring tonight. Reigns asks what else Edge said Heyman replies that Edge questioned Reigns’ manhood.

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Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Seth Rollins VS Cesaro

The match begins with Cesaro getting a quick take down. Rollins reverses and gets a roll up for a one count. Cesaro hits a shoulder tackle and puts Rollins in a head lock. Rollins goes for a dive but is caught and slammed by Cesaro. Cesaro hits a cross body off the top rope and covers for a two count. Rollins rolls outside and destroys part of the announce table in a fit of rage.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Cesaro hitting an uppercut in the corner. Cesaro hits a lariat to send Rollins over the top rope. Rollins grabs Cesaro and slams his face into the announce table. Back in the ring Rollins hits a knee drop and covers for a two count. Rollins hit a knee to the midsection against the ropes and after a two count puts Cesaro in a head lock. Cesaro breaks out ans hits an uppercut. Rollins hits a kick to the knee and Cesaro dodges the stomp but Rollins is able to hit a kick to the back of Cesaro’s head. Cesaro hits an uppercut in the corner and goes to the top rope but Rollins runs up and hits the superplex and rolls through for a falcon arrow but Cesaro counters and both men are sent over the top rope.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Cesaro swinging Rollins around. Cesaro tries a sharpshooter but Rollins counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Cesaro hits an uppercut and covers for a two count. Rollins is pulled out of the corner for a powerbomb and it is shown that the ring pad got pulled off the corner. Cesaro goes for a corkscrew uppercut but Rollins counters with a forearm strike to the head. Rollins reverses a power bomb and sends Cesaro head first to the exposed corner. Rollins hits a strike to the back of Cesaro’s head and gets a two count. Cesaro is shown bleeding from the head and outside Rollins throws Cesaro into the barricade and the announce table. Rollins rolls in the ring as the ref counts out Cesaro who gets back in the ring at an eight count. Rollins hits another hit to the back of the head that sends Cesaro to the outside. Rollins rolls out to hit a DDT to Cesaro on the ramp. Cesaro manages to roll in the ring at a nine count. Cesaro goes for the sharpshooter but Rollins escapes. Rollins hits the stomp and covers for the three count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

The Usos are shown walking backstage where they appear outside of Edge’s locker room. Jimmy goes to knock but Jey holds him back and tells Jimmy to let Edge come to them.

*Commercial break*

Back live with The Usos outside Edge’s locker room. Jimmy loses patience and runs in and The Usos see nobody in there.

Seth Rollins is interviewed and says that he told everyone that he would win and says Cesaro put up a great fight but is not on his level. Rollins reminds everyone that the last time he cashed in Money in the Bank it was against Roman Reigns. Rollins says that this time he might not wait but may cash in at Money in the Bank. Rollins says the ladder match is a formality and that he should be facing Reigns at Money in the Bank. Edge confronts Rollins and Edge says that he takes opportunity when he sees it and says he is about to do something Rollins never could, call out Roman Reigns.

Chad Gable and Otis are shown backstage. Gable says that it doesn’t matter who you are, if you step to the Alpha Academy the result is always the same, and Otis says that he will destroy anyone.

Edge makes his way out to the ring as commentary promotes Edge calling out Roman Reigns next.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Edge in the ring. Edge says that congratulations are in order for Reigns reuniting the family. Edge says he doesn’t care how many brainwashed minion Reigns has, Edge says that he has caused cracks in the table and that nobody will stop him from becoming the Universal Champion. Edge says that Reigns’ island isn’t relevant without the Universal Championship. Edge calls out Reigns and demands he make his way out to the ring. Reigns is seen getting up from his chair backstage as he tells The Usos to stay back and that he will handle this on his own. Reigns hands his title belt to Heyman backstage and Reigns makes his way out to the ring, alone. The Usos are shown watching backstage and they decide that they need to go out there and they leave thee room they were in backstage. Reigns stares down Edge as The Usos’ music hits and Jimmy and Jey make their way out. Reigns shows anger towards The Usos and says he will handle this. As The Usos stand back, Reigns gets on the apron and stares Edge down before making his way into the ring. Edge strikes first and Reigns and Edge trade punches. Edge backs Reigns in a corner. As The Usos get on the apron, Rey and Dominik Mysterio appear to take them out with chair shots. Edge continues to fight off Reigns before Reigns counters with a headbutt. On the outside The Usos manage to fight back against the Mysterios. Edge gets in the corner for a spear but The Usos manage to stop him. Dominik Mysterio runs in and hits a 619 to both Jey and Jimmy, Edge then hits a spear to Jey as Reigns escapes to the top of the ramp. Edge goes to the outside to grab a steel bar from a chair as Rey Mysterio holds Jey Uso down. Edge gets in the ring and puts Jey in the same submission hold using the steel bar that both Jimmy Uso and Reigns himself have been put in. As The Usos are laid out and Reigns stands at the top of the ramp, Edge and the Mysterios stand tall in the ring. Edge again puts Jey in the submission and goes back to putting the hold on Jimmy as Reigns does not run to save his family members. Edge goes back to Jey with the hold as Reigns makes his way backstage as SmackDown goes off the air with Edge’s theme playing.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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