WWE had a few things that the needed to address during the final SmackDown at the ThunderDome. Jimmy Uso’s DUI arrest on Monday was something a lot of fans wondered about. Fans got an answer about Uce before they even aired the SmackDown opening video package.

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Jimmy Uso was trying to get into Roman Reigns’ dressing room, but Paul Heyman stopped him. Uce said he needed to talk to his cousin, and then Paul Heyman assured him that he will get the Tribal Chief’s attention before the night was over.

Roman Reigns started out the show this week and he cut a promo on Edge. Then he brought up Jimmy and Jey Uso. “Speaking of family, it’s time to handle some business,” Reigns said.

Jimmy Uso then came to the ring to address Roman Reigns about what he did last week with Edge. Uce took a shot at Reigns for going on vacation last week, and that was a mistake. Reigns didn’t like that vacation line at all, because “if anyone earned a vacation I’ve earned a vacation.” Then Reigns said that he was busy doing his job too.

Jey Uso then entered the situation and he was excited to be back on SmackDown after a weeklong absence. Jey then said he came back for the family. “Your right hand man is back, Uce,” he told Roman. Then he said to Jimmy, “keep your head up, even through times like right now,” because he wants to become 7-time tag team champions.

Roman Reigns then said they need to work together, because “nobody can touch us if we did it my way.” Then Roman hugged the Usos in the middle of the ring. “The family is solid once again, back again once again,” Michael Cole said on commentary.

Later on, the Usos reunited backstage and everything seemed fine. Then Jey asked Jimmy if he wanted to handle some business before Roman Reigns has a chance to.

Paul Heyman was later shown speaking to Roman Reigns about how they “may have a problem.” About thirty minutes later, the Usos were seen waiting outside of Edge’s dressing room. Jimmy wanted to go right in, but Jey convinced him to stay outside and be patient for the Rated R Superstar to come out.

Finally, Jimmy lost his patience and they went in. Edge wasn’t there and Jimmy said Edge was lucky that they didn’t catch him. Later on, Edge told Seth Rollins that he was going to do something that Rollins never did, call Roman Reigns out.

Edge closed out the show and dragged Roman Reigns for reuniting his family. He then promised to take the Universal Title at Money in the Bank. Edge said he was “pulling Roman’s punk card,” and he called him out. Then Roman Reigns told The Usos and Paul Heyman to stay backstage while he went to the ring on his own.

The Usos were told to stay backstage, but they didn’t listen. After saying this looks like a trap, they headed to the ring after Roman Reigns. He was not thrilled about that.

Reigns and Edge started brawling in the ring and then Rey and Dominik Mysterio returned with chairs and they took out the Usos. The Usos got the upperhand on Rey and Dominik at ringside, but things changed when they got in the ring. Jimmy and Jey Uso ate a 6-1-9 from Dominik and then Edge broke off a bar from a chair before putting it in Jey Uso’s mouth and stretching him while Roman Reigns watched from the ramp.

It seems that WWE ignored Jimmy Uso’s situation with his DUI, because they featured him throughout the night. At the end of the episode, it was Jey Uso, not Jimmy, who took the real beatdown from Edge. They moved the stretching submission over to Jimmy for a bit, but both Usos were being tortured at the end of the night while Roman Reigns watched.

We will have to see what happens next, but Jimmy Uso appears to be sticking around on SmackDown.

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