Ahmed Johnson was part of the Nation Of Domination for a short time, but he didn’t have that much success on his own. Many things contributed to Ahmed Johnson’s lack of push back in the day, but he can now look back and see the racial undertones to so many company decisions.

While speaking to Lucha Libre Online, Ahmed Johnson opened up about some of the events that led to his WWE departure and what was going on behind the scenes. He said that those situation caused him to not want to be in the company anymore.

When it came to what led to his departure from WWE, he admitted that there was a family issue. He also made it clear that there were racial overtones throughout the backstage environment that he was picking up on in a big way.

“There was a family issue that needed my attention, but, on top of that, there were other things going on behind scenes that didn’t sit right with me. I started noting a lot of racism going on. It called me not wanting to be there, and back off”.

Looking at the WWE product now, Ahmed Johnson can see a big difference between the company. He is happy that so many doors have been opened and Vince McMahon is now certain that African American talent can make him money.

“There’s a big difference between being here (today) being and the 90’s. I’m glad I opened the doors for this to get started. The thing was that Vince McMahon was sure that the African American talent could bring him money, but now they know they can. Now they know they can bring you money. Now they know they can bring you money, they’re booking them left and right. Back in the 90’s they weren’t sure that they should’ve put the belt on me to see how much money I would draw. We went to an unbelievably part in terms of where finances go. I even went to the [top] of the card. It’s a matter of making money”.

Vince McMahon’s company has certainly changed a lot over the years and Ahmed Johnson knows that all too well. He can see how WWE has evolved and he liked to see different representation on screen. That doesn’t help the fact that he performed during a very different age for WWE.

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