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Tonight’s show will feature a six-woman match in which Raw Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, will team with Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke to take on Charlotte Flair and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Natalya & Tamina. And the main event will be a huge Triple Threat between AJ Styles, Randy Orton, and Drew McIntyre to find out which man will enter the Money In The Bank ladder match.

Of course, that isn’t all for tonight’s show. WWE hasn’t announced much for the show but we do know Kofi Kingston will confront the All Mighty Bobby Lashley. Last week Lashley beat Xavier Woods in a Hell In A Cell and battered him in front of Kingston after the fact, so it’s fair to assume Kofi will be a bit angry tonight.

That’s the preview for tonight’s RAW. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


RAW opens with Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce backstage. They announce that, due to circumstances beyond their control. Randy Orton is unable to compete in the main event Triple Threat tonight. So, they will be opening the show with an over-the-top-rope battle royale to determine who will replace him in the match. Riddle rolls on on his scooter with an urgent letter from Randy Orton. Pearce reads the letter aloud and it says Riddle, his best friend, should take Randy’s place but it’s obviously written by Riddle himself. Riddle says he wants to take Randy’s place, he can compete in his stead and if he wins Orton gets the place at Money In The Bank. Pearce and Deville are down and Riddle makes his way to the ring.

Money In The Bank Qualifier

Battle Royale

The match begins with the usual big brawl and Drew Gulak is elimianted by Shelton Benjamin fairly quickly. Benjamin himself is thrown out soon thereafter by Jinder Mahal. Damian Priest tries to eliminate Akira Tozawa but fails. Angel Garza is tossed over nad out but he keeps one foot off the ground and gets back inside, then tries to toss Mansoor over but he holds on. Ali throws Garza out, then tries to strike-up a partnership with Mansoor and as soon as he agrees, Ali tosses him out also.

Ivar battles Jeff Hardy in the corner as Jinder attempts to get Riddle over the ropes but caught in an armbar. Mahal manages to eliminate R-Truth and Akira Tozawa in quick succession. On the outside, Drew Gulak rolls-up Tozawa to win the 24/7 Championship, then R-Truth pins Gulak to win it, then Tozawa dives off the apron onto Truth and pins him to win it back. Tozawa, Gulak, and Truth run off as Omos makse his way down to the ring and he pulls both Erik and Ivar out of the ring! Omos tosses Erik into the barricade and Ivar into the apron as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and we’re down to five; Jeff Hardy, Damian Priest, Cedric Alexander, Riddle, and Jinder Mahal. Priest and Mahal trade shots in the ring and Priest tosses Mahal onto the apron, then kicks him off. Hardy rallies and beats on all three of his opponents with his signature offence. Hardy hits two with Twist of Fate, but when he attempts it on Cedric he gets thrown out! Priest takes Alexander down with a leg sweep, then Hit The Lights and out he goes.

Priest and Riddle are the last two men in the match and they circle each other. Riddle avoids an incoming Priest, then almost elimiantes himself jumping into the ropes. Priest lands some strikes but Riddle catches him with a German suplex. Priest takes Riddle down with a spinning heel kick, then lands a splash in the corner. Riddle counters a falcon arrow with the Bromission. Priest tries to fling Riddle over the ropes but he lands on the apron and keeps the Bromission applied.

Riddle gets back inside and Priest drops him with a big lariat. Riddle catches Priest with a triangle over the ropes and drags him onto the apron. Riddle rolls back inside and hits Priest with a knee but he hangs on. Riddle misses a forearm and Priest swings a kick but Riddle catches it. Riddle hangs Priest on the top rope and knees him off!

Winner: Riddle

As soon as the match ends, Riddle goes out and demands Randy Orton’s music be played because that’s who really won the match. Riddle poses as Orton while the sparks fly. Riddle competes against McIntyre and AJ Styles later tonight in a Money In The Bank qualifying Triple Threat.

Shayna Baszler is backstage with Nia Jax and Reginald. Jax says they want to make sure they’re on the same page before Baszler faces Nikki Cross. Shayna says she’s going to give Cross a hard dose of reality, then send Bliss on a timeout with her stupid doll.

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AJ Styles and Omos are interviewed backstage and AJ isn’t happy about Riddle getting put in the main event. He says his chances of winning have gone down and Omos has to work overtime to protect him. Omos says he didn’t interfere tonight, he was just scouting the competition. Styles says Omos just did what the Vikings did to him last week. Tonight he’s the only man at 100% and he will take advantage of that. Then he will win the briefcase and he’ll have a year to plan the perfect cash-in.

Nikki Cross is backstage and she talks about how she wants to be an inspiration to everyone. She says she wants to become the Women’s Champion but she’s taking it one goal at a time. She calls herself Nikki ASH (Almost A Super Hero), and she’s announced as that.

*Commercial. Break*

Nikki Cross Vs. Shayna Baszler W/Nia Jax & Reginald

Baszler takes control early but Cross counters a suplex with a crossbody for a two-count. Baszler regains control and beats Nikki down before hitting a scoop slam and an overhead slam. Baszler whips Cross face-first into the middle buckle, then slams her into another. Cross avoids a knee, then dropkicks Baszler out of the ring where Reggie and Nia check on her. Alexa Bliss’ music hits and she saunters down the ramp. Cross comes off the top rope with a crossbody to the distracted trio on the floor.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Shayna is beating on Cross ands hits a Dominator. Baszler puts Cross up top and punches her but Cross fires back and lands a dropkick. Both women are down in the ring and Bliss walks around to meet Nia but Reggie grabs her. Bliss kicks them both and walks off. Baszler is distracted again and Cross rolls her up for a near-fall. Baszler hits a clothesline, then lifts Cross but the the hero counters her and hits a tilt-a-whirl roll-up for the win!

Winner: Nikki Cross

We see a replay of last week when Kofi Kingston challenged Bobby Lashley to a match at MITB. Lashley then demolished Woods inside Hell In A Cell.

*Commercial Break*

Kofi Kingston comes to the ring. Kofi says there are certain moments in our lives that change us for the better or worse. He’s not sure how last week has affected him yet. Hearing Woods screaming in pain was torture. He says Woods came out and had his back like he always does. People have been disrespecting Woods for a long time but he showed everyone last week what kind of a competitor he is and it’s time he got some respect. Kingston says he will make Bobby pay and take everything from him at MITB.

MVP comes out to the stage with a few ladies but no Lashley. MVP says Kofi thinking he will beat Lashley is ridiculous, and he says a lot of ridiculous stuff. MVP says Kofi is a feel-good story but he’s no threat to the All-Mighty. And Lashley wants Kofi to know that Lashley enjoyed every second of what he did to Woods last week. MVP says what Lesnar did to Kofi will be child’s play when Lashley is done. Kofi says Bobby is getting soft and, if it wasn’t for MVP grabbing McIntyre’s foot, we’d have a new Champion right now. Kofi says he’s already beat Lashley and he’s looking more beatable than ever. Each week a layer of that all mighty is being stripped away.

Kofi says Lashley might even look like MVP by the end; hobbling around in overpriced suits holding onto some semblance of success. MVP says he and Lashley put in the work and rose to the top of the mountain, and he does what he does because Bobby deserves it. Kofi says he deserves it as well, he never took a day off when he was Champion; took the title to Africa to show the kids what was possible. He’s living proof. And he defended the title every week. Lashley is on vacations during his reign. He’s distracted with women. His eyes are off the prize and he’s gonna lose it in three weeks.

MVP says Kofi went to Africa to feed his ego. He appreciates Kofi’s optimism but Woods was optimistic last week and he couldn’t even make it to work tonight. And he is fairly certain Kofi won’t be at work for a while after MITB. Kofi says Woods will be at work next week because he’s a real man, unlike MVP who has been milking a knee injury for six months. MVP says he’s legitmately hurt and it’s a good job, because if he were cleared to cmpete he’d whoop Kofi right now. Kingston drops his mic and goes out towards MVP, who swings his cane at him but Kofi ducks and hits Trouble In Paradise. Kofi shouts at MVP that he wasn’t too hurt last week but he is now.

We see the recent happenings with Eva Marie and Doudrop. We see the duo walking backstage and they get asked what happened. Marie says Doudrop made a rookie mistake and she was overwhelmed by being at the forefront of the Evaloution. Marie requested another match for tonight so Doudrop can learn from her.

*Commercial Break*

Asuka & Naomi Vs. Eva Marie & Doudrop

Naomi starts against Doudrop and gets backed into the corner but dropkicks her. Naomi gets sat on but fights back and tags Asuka, who hits a missile dropkick. Asuka hits a hip attack in the corner, then looks for a German suplex but Doudrop holds the ropes. Asuka hits a lariat but Doudrop doesn’t budge, then splashes her. Asuka jumps on Doudrop’s back with a submission. Doudrop hits a jawbreaker to force the break, then looks for a tag but Eva jumps off the apron. Asuka looks for a roll-up but Doudrop kicks out and hits a senton. Dourdrop hits Naomi, then hits a running crossbody to Asuka for the win.

Winners: Eva Marie & Doudrop

After the match, Eva grabs a microphone and announces herself as the winner. Doudrop isn’t very happy.

Miz and Morrison are backstage and asked about Morrison’s chances of winning the MITB briefcase. Miz says Morrison is guaranteed to win because he’s already won the match more than once. He’s a master tactician and he sees everything. Ricochet interrupts and Miz pretends like he knew he was there. Ricochet steals their drip-stick and sprays them with it.

*Commercial Break*

Ricochet Vs. John Morrison W/The Miz

The match gets underway and they trade strikes and reversals. Ricochet hits a body slam and a leaping elbow for a one-count. Morrison backs Ricochet into the corner and beats him, then hits a unique heel kick. Ricochet fights out of a submission and knocks Morrison from the ring, then hits a baseball slide.

Ricochet wants to continue the offence on the floor but Miz rolls in between them and won’t get out of the way. Ricochet then jumps off the wheelchair onto Morrison for a hurricanrana. Miz grabs the drip-stick but Ricochet snatches it away and sprays him again.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Morrison is in control of proccedings. He hits a sweep followed by some kicks to the face. JoMo wastes time talking to Miz and Ricochet hits a springboard crossbody. Ricochet hits a rolling fireman’s carry and a basement clothesline for a two-count. Morrison comes back with a big knee for a two-count, then a springboard enziguiri.

Morrison wants Starship Pain but nobody’s home. Morrison rolls to the apron and Ricochet connects with a springboard dropkick that knocks him to the floor. Morrrison sits on the barricade to avoid a dive and mocks him, but Ricochet hits an insane springboard crossbody to send them both over the barricade! Both men get counted out.

Double Count-Out

Charlotte, Tamina and Natalya are backstage. Charlotte says they might not like each other but they have respect. The three of them know what it means to carry a legacy, unlike their opponents tonight. Natalya says she’s already made Mandy Rose tap-out, so it will be easy to do it again tonight. Charlotte says they’ll show that respect isn’t given, it’s earned.

*Commercial Break*

Charlotte Flair, Natalya & Tamina Vs. Rhea Ripley, Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose

Charlotte and Rhea start brawling on the floor before the match can really begin, then all the others do the same. Charlotte and Ripley get in the ring and continue fighting, then the other four join them and split into pairs to fight. The babyfaces clear the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Mandy tags Brooke, who hits a headscissors to Nattie. Brooke hits a handspring back elbow to Natalya, then whips her to the ropes but eats a back elbow. Tamina tags in but Dana knocks her outside. Brooke goes after but a distraction from Nattie allows Tamina to superkick her. Back inside and Charlotte gets the tag. She beats on Brooke, then takes a swing for Rhea but misses.

Ripley is furious and Charlotte does a suck-it taunt to her. The heels isolate Brooke in their corner and make quick tags. Flair chops Booke in the corner, then wants Figure Eight but gets kicked off. Ripley tags in and tees-off on Flair before landing a northern lights suplex for a two-count. Charlotte counters another suplex and tags Natalya.

Rhea is still focused on Flair but manages to tag Brooke, who tags Rose for some double-team. Tamina runs in and Ripley dropkicks her out, then Charlotte chop blocks Ripley. Brooke drops Charlotte, then Natalya hits her with a discus clothesline. We’re left with Natalya and Rose and they go back and forth. Charlotte blind tags in and hits a big boot to Mandy for the win.

Winners: Charlotte Flair, Natalya & Tamina

As soon as the match ends, Ripley chop blocks Flair from behind and high-tails it as the Queen stares in in fury.

We see Jaxson Ryker backstage, slapping himself with a strap. R-Truth runs past but stops and asks him why he’s doing it. Ryker says he’s preparing himself. He and Elias will be bound together. He’s purging himself of weakness and finding out where to inflict the most pain. Truth asks to borrow the strap to lasso Tozawa but Ryker ignores him and beats himself some more. The strap match is up next.

*Commercial Break*

Strap Match

Elias Vs. Jaxson Ryker

Elias rushes Ryker right out the gate and backs him into the corner. Elias tosses Ryker out of the ring and hits him with the strap, then sends him into the steel steps. Elias wrapps the strap around the ring post to hang Ryker by the arms, then punches him repeatedly and whips his ribs. Ryker kicks Elias back, then pulls the strap to yank Elias into the steps.

Ryker puts Elias on the apron and slaps him with the belt, then gets inside for a few more strikes. Ryker wraps the strap around his fist and drops a fist on Elias. Ryker goes to the middle rope and jumps for a fist but Elias knees him in mid-air. Ryker counters Elias and starts hitting him with the strap again. Ryker uses the strap to send Elias to the corner a few times, then pulls him in for a spinning sidewalk slam and the win!

Winner: Jaxson Ryker

Riddle is backstage warming-up. Damian Priest appears and wishes Riddle luck but he says he’s not Riddle, he’s Randy Orton and he mimics him. Priest makes Riddle snap out of it by saying he’s going to Burger King. Priest tells Riddle he should remember that Orton is lucky to have him as a friend, not the other way around.

*Commercial Break*

Drew McIntyre is backstage and regales us with another tale of Scottish history, in which he incorporated Sheamus and Father Ted. McIntyre says he’s going to go down to the ring and slap the head off Riddle, kick AJ Styles’ ass, and win the Money In The Bank ladder match.

McIntyre makes his entrance, followed by AJ & Omos, and finally Riddle. The main event is up next!

*Commercial Break*

Money In The Bank Qualifier

Drew McIntyre Vs. rIDDLE vS. AJ Styles W/Omos

The match gets underway and Drew take controle early on andbeats both men in the corners. Drew hits Riddle with a deadlift suplex for a two-count, then kicks AJ and throws him face-first into the middle buckle. Riddle turns it around and kicks Drew into the corner, then hits him and Styles with running forearms. Drew catches Riddle and hits a belly-to-belly, then one for AJ as well.

Drew beats AJ and hits a huge back body drop for a two-count. Drew is sent to the outside by Styles and he wants a dive byt Drew swipes his feet. AJ tumbles to the outside and McIntyre comes face-to-face with Omos before clearing the announce desk. AJ narrowly avoids being Powerbmbed through the announce desk and Riddle drops McIntyre with a flying forearm off the steps.

All three men trade on the floor and Drew is sent into the ring post, then Riddle and AJ trade suplex attempts until Riddle hits one. Then Drew grabs Riddle and suplexes him on the floor also, but AJ connects with an enziguiri. Styles and Riddle lift Drew and slam him through the announce desk!

*Commercia Break*

We return to find Riddle peppering AJ with kicks but Styles catches him with a dragon screw. AJ goes to work on the leg and hits a Pele kick for a near-fall. Drew stirs on the floor, so AJ goes out and stomps him a few times before slamming him onto the table debris. Styles goes back in and applies a submission to Riddle. The Bro reaches the rope but there’s no rope break in a triple threat, so AJ switches to a single leg Boston crab before letting go.

Styles goes to the apron but Riddle drags him through the ropes for the draping DDT. Riddle wants an RKO but AJ counters with a burning hammer for a near-fall. AJ goes to the apron again and this time Mcntyre pulls him down and runs him into the barricade and the ring post repeatedly. Drew goes back in and runs over Riddle. Drew wants the Claymore but Riddle sends him over the ropes.

Riddle then hits both with kicks and knees from the apron before a springbaord moonsault to them on the floor! Riddle kicks both men a few times, then runs for a kick to AJ but hits the steel steps! The referee calls for help and officials rush down to help Riddle to the back. The main event continues and we’re down to two!

*Commercial Break*

Drew is tearing into AJ as we return, and he hits a belly-to-belly. Drew runs into a kick from AJ but ducks a lariat and hits a neckbreaker. Drw kips-up and hits a reverses Alabama slam into a pin for a near-fall. McIntyre gets AJ on the top rope and climbs up but Styles slides down and drops Drew face-first on the buckle. AJ slams Drew for a near-fall. AJ wants the Styles Clash but Drew throws him off.

AJ lands a flurry of strikes but Drew catches him with a Michonoku driver for a near-fall. McIntyre ran for the Claymore but AJ caught him with a chop block. Styles applies a Claf Crusher and Drew screams. Riddle comes limping down the ramp and breaks the submission and gets AJ in a rear naked choke but AJ elbows his leg to get out. Riddle knocks McIntyre outside and hits AJ with a huge knee in mid-air, then lands an RKO. Riddle covers but Omos pulls AJ out of the ring. Drew hits Riddle with a Claymore for the win!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

With that win Drew has booked his slot in the men’s Money In The Bank ladder match, which takes place in three weeks time.

That’s it for this week’s RAW, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for NXT. Until next time, stay safe.

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