Alberto El Patron is open to another run in WWE. He made it clear that his MMA career is over, and he is also opening his own pro wrestling company. Things are moving in the right direction for Mexico’s Greatest Export, but he still has work to do.

He spoke to Sportskeeda recently and revealed that he would appreciate that opportunity to make a WWE return. The former WWE Champion also took a chance to talk about the dark time surrounding his personal life prior to his exit from the company. He was going through a divorce and that situation sent him into a deep depression.

Alberto also took the opportunity to apologize for mistakes he made along the way. The past might be hard to impossible to take back, but he is now able to speak openly about that dark time.

“Of course, first of all, I would say thank you. Thank you for the opportunity, and sorry for the mistakes I made. I just didn’t know.”


“Sometimes I would just, I did it because it was personal. Now, as a promoter, I know there is nothing personal in pro wrestling. It’s just business. I’m sorry for my mistakes.”

“No excuse, but I was also going through a difficult time in my life when I got divorced. I lost a fantastic woman, the mother of my children, for my mistakes, and that put me in a deep depression. But that’s just for me to handle. It’s not an excuse. It takes a toll on you and your body, and your mind and your spirit. So, I will say thank you and sorry, and I would do it again.”

We’ll have to see if Alberto El Patron makes it back to WWE. He is working hard to re-establish himself in pro wrestling after allegations came out about him that were later proven to be false. Alberto’s ex admitted to police that she made up the accusations of kidnapping and sexual assault against him, but it’s hard to unring a bell that sounded so loud in the pro wrestling world.

Would you be down for an Alberto Del Rio return to WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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