Alberto Del Rio was accused of kidnapping and sexual assault charges. His ex fiancé took back her story and apologized, but this is still a situation that remains in the social consciousness.

While speaking to Bodyslam’s The Push podcast, Alberto Del Patron commented about those allegations. He called the situation “a nightmare” and explained why he was silent for so long. His attorney advised him to keep any public statement to himself.

“It was a nightmare, a complete nightmare. People have no idea what it was. Of course, now we are in a different place. Now the truth is starting to come to light. Now that everything is different that I am able to talk because people have been saying. ‘why hasn’t Alberto been saying anything?’ People need to understand that we’re talking about my freedom and I have seen so many people go to jail over something that they didn’t do. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in my legal defense and getting the best lawyer in Texas and having him saying ‘Alberto it’s in your best interests to not say anything.'”

Alberto said that he was advised by his attorney to remain silent because there was nothing he could say to stop people from attacking him. He also advised him to not say anything publicly until he had proof that he didn’t commit the alleged crimes.


He said that a reputation can be destroyed on social media “in the blink of an eye.” Then Alberto said it’s not fair when a public figure is accused of anything, because the public automatically assumes every celebrity is guilty. “Now we’re in a better place, truth is starting to come to light, the evidence has been shown that there is nothing,” Alberto said.

He said “it was a situation between myself and my ex fiancé.” She later admitted to lying about the allegations because “I wanted to hurt him, I wanted revenge, and that’s what happened,” he explained.

Alberto admitted that he cheated on his fiancé 10 days before their wedding, in their own bed. “You can call me a disgusting man, but I’m no rapist, and I never kidnapped nobody,” he said.

This situation for Alberto Del Rio seems to be over in a legal sense, but the public sentiment toward those allegations has not gone away. We’ll have to see if speaking publicly about the matter helps him, but Del Rio sent out a plea to stop hurting him and his family over allegations that have already been recanted.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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