Fans of WWE NXT might have noticed a slight change when it comes to the Superstars’ entrances. They don’t seem to be getting as much time as they used to. There is a reason for that, and some are crediting Shawn Michaels’ wife.

It is reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that NXT entrances have been cut back in length. This was a suggestion because it was argued that longer ring entrances gave fans more time to check out AEW. They have since made the change even though AEW is not running in competition with NXT anymore.

It was further noted that the story going around is that it was Shawn Michaels’ wife Rebecca who really put that idea in Triple H’s brain to cut down on entrances.

Within the company the story that has gone around is that it was Rebecca, Shawn’s wife, who was watching the show and told him she thought the ring entrances were too long and giving people too much time to switch stations, and he brought that up to Levesque.

Some NXT entrances, like Karrion Kross, have not really been cut down, but it’s also been a while since even the NXT Champion received a full-on entrance on television. We’ll have to see if longer entrances return since there is no Wednesday night war anymore. The black and gold brand still doesn’t want to give fans an opportunity to change the channel.

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Felix Upton

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