WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley currently serves as a producer for the company. He works with the talent to help put a match together for a show. D-Von was part of a notable tag team known as The Dudley Boys together with his partner Bubba Ray Dudley.

Although they haven’t wrestled in a while, D-Von, however, feels that he’s not yet done in the ring. On the latest edition of his Table Talk podcast, he revealed that he’s interested in competing in the 2022 men’s Royal Rumble match. D-Von had a stroke in 2020, so he stated that it’s a matter of WWE clearing him to compete.

I would love to but then I heard all of the hurdles that I gotta jump [through], just to go to medical to get me there. I’m just like, ‘Eh.’ It’s not the point that I’m fine, it’s the point that they [WWE] gotta think that I’m fine. It’s not me. I’ll go in there tonight but I gotta get them to believe that I’m okay to go in there and do it. I can’t pass out. I can see them now, they try to get me to do a stress test and all of a sudden I pass out, I just pass out. They would say, ‘Oh, well you know, D-Von, he didn’t make it. He passed out.’ Listen, I didn’t have to have the stroke. I would have passed out before the stroke [if] had they had me do a stress test. I don’t know about that [being in the 2022 Royal Rumble match], I would love to. We’ll see what happens. We still have a few months to go so we’ll see.

D-Von Dudley would be a great surprise entrant for next year’s Royal Rumble match, but WWE might not want to take the risk of allowing him to compete due to his health. If he does end up getting cleared, it’d be best for him to not take any bumps. He could be eliminated as soon as he enters the ring by another veteran.

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