Matt and Jeff Hardy were considered by many to be one of the best tag teams in the world. They made a name for themselves in WWE and TNA as top stars and former champions. The two brothers currently work for two separate wrestling companies; with Matt signed to AEW and Jeff to WWE.

During a recent virtual signing with Signed By Superstars, Matt Hardy revealed that he plans on finishing his career in AEW. He also said he wants to have one more match with Brother Nero in the promotion.

“I mean with the way things are going right now in AEW, I’d say yeah [I’ll finish my career there]. They’re great and I’d really like to have a last hoorah with Jeff [Hardy] there too.

Former WWE superstar Lio Rush made a surprise appearance in the Casino battle royal at Double or Nothing. Rush sustained an injury during the match which forced him to retire from in-ring competition. Matt Hardy, however, believes that Rush isn’t done, and he’ll eventually make a comeback to the squared circle.

Did you see the Lio Rush announcement that he said he was retiring or whatever? We had the match [at Double Or Nothing], he was in there for a few minutes ‘till the end with myself and Private Party and he got dumped out and then I thought everything was fine. I saw him later, he’s got a sling on or whatever and I guess he did legitimately get hurt with that. I know he said he was retiring. So many people were so mad at me that it was my fault that I eliminated him. I didn’t have anything to do with it. But it’s just crazy. I’ve been wrestling longer than he’s been alive. He can’t retire, he’s not gonna retire. He’ll be back. Lio will be back.

There’s a chance that will Jeff Hardy make the jump to AEW once his contract with WWE comes to an end. If that does indeed happen, we could finally see a showdown between The Hardy Boys and The Young Bucks. As for Lio Rush, he’s still young, so this might not be the end for him. Superstars such as Daniel Bryan and Edge came back from career-ending injuries, so perhaps he might end up doing the same thing one day in future.

(H/T POST Wrestling for the transcriptions)


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