It’s Friday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 10:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any
reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • MMA Cage Match: Wardlow vs Jake Hager
  • Handicap Match: Darby Allin vs Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page
  • Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero Miedo & Kazarian vs Matt Jackson & Good Brothers
  • Cody Rhodes & Brock Anderson vs QT Marshall & Aaron Solow
  • Orange Cassidy vs Cezar Bononi
  • Andrade El Idolo Sits Down With Jim Ross

Wardlow and Hager and shown preparing for their Cage fight. We are starting with the MMA Cage fight! Shawn Spears accompanies Wardlow to the ring on behalf of the Pinnacle. The ring is 6 sided, MMA style! Jake Hager makes his entrance next, Chris Jericho accompanies him, carrying an ice bucket. Justin Roberts does the official ring introduction a long with the rules of the match.

MMA Cage Match: Wardlow vs Jake Hager


The two men touch gloves, round 1 is 5 minutes. both men feel each other out, Wardlow swings wildly, Hager goes for a kick, Hager goes for a takedown but Wardlow stays on his feet. Hager hits a straight right jab, Wardlow smiles. Hager with a swift kick, another kick, Hager goes for a double leg but Wardlow throws him off. Hager with a double leg take down. Wardlow jumps right up. Hager with another take down, Hager with hammering blows on the mat.

Wardlow catches a kick and hits a big right hand. Wardlow with a double leg and a straight slam, ground and pound from Wardlow. Both men throw wild right hands, Wardlow with a Superman Punch off the cage, Wardlow continues the attack, but the round ends before Wardlow can get the win.

Round 2 starts after a quick break, Wardlow goes for a running knee but Hager gets out of the way. Wardlow gets Hager to the mat, strikes on the ground, Hager covers up. Wardlow goes for a cross arm breaker, Hager blocks and reverses into a pin. Hager with elbows to the ribs. Hager goes for a triangle, Wardlow blocks, slamming Hager to the mat, Hager reverse into a ankle lock, Wardlow kicks out. Warldow catches a kick and powerbombs Hager into the cage. Wardlow hits a huricanrana, Hager transitions into a triangle.

Wardlow escapes, powering Hager into a fireman’s carry. Hager with a uranagi, Hager gets another triangle, Wardlow passes out, Hager wins via referee stoppage.

WINNER: Jake Hager

Hager offers a handshake but Spears attacks HAger from behind. Jericho jumps in and attacks Spears, a huge brawl in the cage, MJF runs out and attacks Jericho’s injured arm. MJF locks in in the salt of the earth, Jericho taps out. Dean Malenko pulls MJF off of Jericho, MJF goes face to face with Malenko and hits Malenko with a right hand. Sammy Guevara runs down, into the cage and goes for MJF, MJF runs away with Wardlow backing him up.

Commentary runs down tonight’s card. Kingston, Kaz and Penta are backstage, Kaz quotes the bible, he doesnt agree with the lord as vengeance will be his, he is hungry for revenge and retribution and will leave them in a pile of despair. Kingston says their asses are ours. Penta says Zero Meido.

Commercial Break.

Team Tazz is backstage. Tazz says he loves Starks but the thing with him and Cage needs to end. Hobbs is mad they left him hanging in a 2 on 1 situation. Next week Hobbs challenges Hangman Page.

“The Men of the Year”, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page make their entrance for our next match. Darby Allin make is entrance alone. Darby throws his shirt at Page and Sky.

Handicap Match: Darby Allin vs Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page

Page starts the match, Allin slaps him, sucks under a clothesline, hip toss, arm drag, Page begs off. Sky tags in, Allin with a drop toe hold, roll up, 2 count. Allin strikes Page on the apron, Page runs in the ring and both men beat down Darby. Allin with a double coffin drop and gets a 2 count. Allin gets a headlock, Page hits a shoulder tackle. Allin gets a headlock, Page powers him to the corner, Picture in picture.

Sky and Page take advantage of the numbers, d0minating Allin. Allin with a roll up off the Ego’s Edge, 2 count. Sky tags in, wrings the arm, Page hits a back breaker, Sky tags in and hits another back breaker. Page hits another back breaker, Sky hits another back breaker. Allin gets an inside cradle, 2 count. Page mocks Darby to tag somebody. Allin hits a scorpion death drop!

Allin takes out Page in the corner, hits the code red on Sky, Page breaks the pin. Allin zip ties Page’s feet together, roll up, 2 count. Page with a roll up on sky, 2 count, hits a stunner on Sky, Coffin Drop on Sky, Page pulls him off a pinfall attempt. Page throws Allin hard into the ring post. Allin blocks a superplex, headbutts Page. Sky blocks a coffin drop. Page hits the Ego’s Edge to get the victory.

WINNER: Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page

Page and Sky celebrate over Allin.

Commercial Break.

Orange Cassidy makes his entrance accompanied by the Best Friends. The Wingmen are already in the ring. Earlier today, the Wingmen say Orange is really starting to frustrate them. the Wingmen will make him pretty.

Orange Cassidy vs Cezar Bononi

Bononi grabs Orange by the jacket and throws him to the corner. Bononi rips of Oranges jacker, puts his hands in his pockets and throws him across the ring. Nemeth and Avalon spray tan Orange on the outside giving him a makeover, Orange ducks under an clothesline but gets hit with a big boot. On the outside, Avalon and Nemeth continue to give Orange a makeover. Nemeth puts his jacket on Orange.

Orange drives Bononi out of the ring, dives onto Bononi but he goes caught. The Best friends give Orange his sunglasses and help Orange dive to the outside onto the Wingmen. Orange hits the stundog millionaire, tornado DDT, Orange Punch to Nemeth, Orange Punch to Drake. Orange Punch to Bononi to get the victory.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

The Best Friends give Orange his sunglasses and clebrate for Orange.

Marvez is backstage with Jungle Boy. A golf cart drives down before Jungle Boy can say anything. Omega comes out and says last week Jungle Boy embarrassed him, this week he will give Jungle Boy and opportunity for a knuckle sandwich. Jungle Boy says he would rather beat him next week for the championship. Omega says the first one is free, take a free shot. Nakazawa hits Jungle Boy with a chair from behind. Omega attacks Jungle Boy, Jungle Boy fights back, Omega and Callis runs away in the golf cart.

Commercial Break.

Marvez is with the Hardy Family Office. Matt says Christian breached his contract, if he keeps coming for him- Christian attacks the HFO and they overpower him and lock him in a cage. Matt tells Christian to go back to being retired. If he keeps coming after Matt Hardy, he wil retire Christian himself.

Cody Rhodes makes his grand entrance for our next match. Brock Anderson comes out with Arn, with no entrance music of his own. The Factory are out next, QT Marshall and Aaron Solow.

Cody Rhodes & Brock Anderson vs QT Marshall & Aaron Solow

Solow and Brock start, Brock ducks under a right hand, Solow wrings the arm, Brock takes Solow to the mat. Solow takes Brock down, Brock kips up, stomps on Solow’s arm. QT tags in, asks for Cody to tag in. Brock with a right hand, Cody tags in, QT quickly tags Solows. cody with an uppercut, dives onto QT on the outside. Solow with a double foot stomp on Cody.

QT tags in, right hands to Cody. Big boot from Cody, Brock tags in, shoulders to the midsection. big back body drop to QT. Gut wrench slam from Brock, QT hits a spinebuster, 2 count. Picture in picture. QT slingshots Brock into the ropes, tags in Solow, suplex, Brock kicks out at 1. Brock hits a jaw breaker, QT with a forearm, back elbow, straight right hand. QT hits a butterfly suplex, chops in the corner. QT misses a splash, Cody tags in, the ref didnt see the tag. QT and Solow hits a double team neckbreaker, 2 count.

QT goes for crossrhodes but Brock reverse into a DDT. Cody finally tags in, runs wild on Solow, powerslam to Solow, throws QT across the ring, flying head scissor, throws QT out of the ring, figure 4 on Solow, he gets to the ropes. Cody hits a Canadian destroyer on QT, Solow rolls up Cody, 2 count. Brock breaks a pinfall, Brock tags in, Cody with a crossbody to QT, Brock with a roll up on Solow to get the win.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes & Brock Anderson

Arn Anderson hugs Brock in the ring, Arn raises his sons hand.

Archer and Roberts are in a broken down barn. Roberts says all the gold lies behind forbidden doors. Sometimes you have to wait like a tiger, Archer shouts and leaves. Roberts follows him.

JR sits down with Andrade El Idolo. JR asks “Why AEW?” Andrade(in Spanish) says there are stars here, but he is a superstar. Andrade says the TNT title and the AEW World title are his next goals. He says Vickie understands business, she knows family, they have a great connection. they have a surprise.

Commercial Break.

Marvez is with the Dark Order, Hangman Page says he accepts Team Tazz’s challenge. Marvez asks about Omega/Jungle Boy, Page dodges the question and puts over all of the Dark Order, Evil Uno especially, and they raise Uno onto their shoulders.

Penelope Ford makes her entrance for our next match. Julia HArt is out next with the Varsity Blonds.

Penelope Ford vs. Julia Hart

Lock up to start, Ford gets the arm, Hart reverses, Ford gets a headlock, Ford hits a shoulder tackle. Hart hits a dropkick, crossbody. Ford drags Hart out of the ring and hits a forearm. Knee drop on the apron. Picture in picture. Ford with a handspring back elbow, german suplex, 2 count. Ford with right elbow strikes.

Ford and Hart trade right hands, Hart hits a clothesline, Ford with a back elbow. Ford catches a kick, huge slap to the face, Ford hits a gut buster, climbs to the top, misses a moonsault. Hart misses a leg drop, Ford locks in a Muta Lock to get the victory.

WINNER: Penelope Ford

Miro interrupts, he asks where Kip, ands tells Ford that he will fight for her honour and attacks the Varsity Blonds. Referees pulls them apart momentarily but Miro goes for the attack again.

Britt Baker is interviewed backstage, Vickie interupts and says she smells stale cheese and onions and she isn’t happy because she wants Nyla Rose to hold the title. Baker mocks handing the title over. Vickie says she is owed a favour by Tony Khan because she brought in Andrade. A tag match is set up between Baker and Rebel vs Nyla Rose and Vickie.

Commentary runs down the cards for the next few weeks.

Video package for FTR vs Santana and Ortiz. Next up is our main event.

Commercial Break.

Mark Sterling and Jade Carghill are thrill to announce a partnership with a luxury hotel and they are accepting offere from other luxury establishments, promo code “that bitch”. Jade will continue her winning streak on the first episode of Rampage.

Kaz makes his entrance followed by Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero Miedo. The Elite are out next for our main event.

Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero Miedo & Kazarian vs Matt Jackson & Good Brothers

Kaz goes fright for the attack on Anderson. Anderson tries to cover up, Kaz gets a roll up for a 2 count. Huge lariat from Kaz, Penta tags in, huge kick to the midsection, Matt Jackson tags in, Penta superkicks them both, slingblade to Matt, and to Anderson. Kingston tags in, Penta kicks Matt in the face. Kingston with headbutts, Matt misses a crossbody. Kingston with chops, ducks under a wild right hand. Gallows tags in, Kingstons shoulder tackle has no effect.

Kingston with a shoulder block from the second rope, knocks the Bucks off the apron. Kingston bites Anderson on the outside. Huge brawl on the outside. Matt with a crossbody of the ramp. Picture in picture.

The Elite dominate during the break. Anderson gauges at the face of Kingston. Gallows tags in, Matt hits a double big boot, pin to Kingston, 2 count. Matt with kicks to Kingston to no effect. Kingston with chops, Matt gauges the eyes, belly to belly from Kingston. Kaz tags in, he hits Gallows with a right hand, flying forearm to Anderson, body slam, springboard legdrop, 2 count. Kaz gets a crossface chickenwing. Kaz kicks Gallows off the apron, spinebuster from Anderson.

Penta tags in crossbody to Matt, backbreaker, enziguri to Gallows, suicide dive to the Good Brothers, enziguri to Matt, DDT, 2 count. Kingston tags in, running knee, Kaz with a shotgun dropkick, Penta package piledriver, Kingston with a backdrop, Kaz hits a Angels Wings, Kingston covers, Gallows stops the pin.Anderson, misses a corner strike. Penta with a thrust kick, Anderson hits a neckbreaker, the Good Brothers knock Kaz and Kingston off the apron, Matt with an elbow drop, Gallows covers, 2 count.

Good Brothers go for Magic Killer, Kaz breaks it up, throws Gallows out of the ring, Kingston blocks a superkick, Anderson hits a high boot, Penta hits a backstabber, Nick jumps in and hits Penta with the cold sprey in the eyes, Anderson hits a supercutter and steals the victory.

WINNER: Matt Jackson & The Good Brothers

The Elite obnoxiously celebrate on the ramp as Dynamite ends.

Martin Dickinson

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