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Tonight’s NXT is the go-home show for TakeOver: In Your House. That means we’re getting a huge showdown between Karrion Kross, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Pete Dunne, and Johnny Gargano. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell that this segment ends peacefully, the only question is who is left standing at the end?

The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase will be live on tonight’s show to make an announcement regarding the match between LA Knight and Cameron Grimes on Sunday. Poppy will also be on hand for another live music performance, as has become something of a tradition in NXT. And if all that wasn’t enough, we’re getting Ember Moon Vs. Dakota Kai, Austin Theory Vs. Oney Lorcan, Killian Dain Vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


This week’s NXT opens with a look back at Adam Cole’s shocking return last week, where he attacked Gargano, Dunne, and O’Reilly, before confronting Karrion Kross. Tonight all five men meet in the ring before their huge showdown on Sunday.

Austin Theory Vs. Oney Lorcan

The bell rings and they lock-up. Theory takes a headlock but Oney counters into a wristlock. Theory gets Irish whipped to the corner and flips over Lorcan before hitting a dropkick. Theory takes him down but Lorcan quickly turns it into a headscissors. They exchange European uppercuts and Lorcan goes to a leg submission but Theory kicks him off and hits a clothesline in the corner.

Theory jumps over the ropes to stomp Lorcan, then talks trash to him and gets caught with some stiff chops. Lorcan sends Theory over the ropes and chops him down. Lorcan goes out and they exchange on the floor until Oney drops him. Both men are catching their breath when Pete Dunne comes stomping down to ringside.

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Lorcan is still in control, battering Theory with forearms to the back. Johnny Gargano has come down to ringside also. Theory countets and Irish whip but eats a European uppercut. Locan lands some back elbows in the corner until Theory catches him with a lariat and they both go down. Theory lands some punches and clotheslines Lorcan over the ropes but he gets back inside at five. Lorcan shoves Theory out of the ring and goes after him but gets thrown into the barricade twice.

Back inside, Austin hits a fallaway slam and an incredible rope-assisted Spanish fly for a near-fall! Oney rolls out and Theory chases after but they take each other down with stereo lariats. Dunne and Gargano start exchanging on the floor and they fight up the ramp until officials separate them. Theory slams Lorcan into the apron, then gets him in the ring but he’s distracted and slam him into the ring post. Lorcan gets Theory back inside and hits a full nelson slam for the win.

Winner: Oney Lorcan

LA Knight is in his fancy home and he gets out of the shower where a woman hands him a robe. Knight says no-one is better suited to carry on the million dollar legacy than him. He then gets a few ladies in the hot tub and talks about what he’s going to do to Cameron Grimes. Knight reaffirms that he is the only man for the job before leaving in a Mercedes sports car.

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Legado Del Fantasma are in the ring. Escobar addresses Bronson Reed and says he’s going to make him pay for what he did last week. He cost his boys the Tag Team Titles. Bronson Reed comes to the stage and he says he squished Escobar last week. Escobar invites him down to the ring to try again and Reed accepts. By the time he reaches the ring, MSK join him and Legado don’t want none. Santos says he’s going to take the North American Championship and his boys are going to take the Tag Titles. How about they do it all at the same time, a 3v3 match with all the belts on the line. Reed and MSK accept to the winner takes all match.

Hit Row come out while the others are still at ringside and Swerve stares at Escobar but they walk past. Hit Row stand in the ring and talk trash with MSK and Reed. Swerve will be in action, next!

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Isaiah “Swerve” Scott W/Hit Row Vs. Killian Dain W/DRake Maverick

Dain forces Swerve back and he hangs through the ropes to force the break. Dain takes Swerve down with short-arm shoulder tackles and a fireman’s carry. Swerve kicks him back, then slaps his face. Dain is furious and Swerve rolls outside, so Killian thinks about diving over the ropes but Scott walks off with Hit Row. Swerve gets back inside but Dain continues the offence. Dain gets on the apron but B-Fab distracts him and Swerve hits a big boot to the face.

With Dain on the floor, Scott gets on the apron for a running kick. Back inside and Swerve goes to work to Dain on the mat with submissions. Dain fights up and they trade shots, with Dain beating him into the corner. Dain shoves him into the buckles and htis a big lariat. Swerve springboards over Dain, ducks a lariat, but gets caught with a crossbody. Dain looks for a big boot but Swerve rolls under it and hits an STO.

Swerve connects with a running heel kick to the back of the head for a near-fall. Scott looks for a full nelson but Dain slings him off, then hits a Wasteland. Dain lands a senton and looks to scale the ropes but Adonis distracts him. Maverick leaps off the steps onto Adonis but Top Dolla grabs him and hits an Attitude Adjustment onto the apron. Dain and Top Dolla talk trash and Swerve hits a big running boot to Dain for the win.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

We see Poppy arriving at the arena. Candace LeRae and Indi Hartwell are backstage for an interview and asked why they don’t like Poppy. Candace says people are more interested in Poppy than them and that’s why. Indi just talks about Dexter Lumis and she thinks he’s still in love with her. They walk off separate ways.

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Cameron Grimes is trying to prove his worth to Dibiase, smoking cigars, drinking wine, and getting massages but it’s clear he doesn’t love it. Grimes says he’s focused on taking the mllion dollar legacy to the moon and he drives off in a nice car as well.

Mercedes Martinez comes out but she gets attacked by Xia Li on the ramp. Li beats her around ringside, then puts her inside. Mercedes starts firing back and drops her with a big boot. They fight out of the ring again and Martinez tosses her over the barricade. She looks to chase after her but officials stop her and Mercedes gets in the ring for her match.

Mercedes Martinez Vs. Unnamed Opponent

The girl runs across the ring and Martinez hits a big boot. Martinez lifts her and hits an air raid crash for the win.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

Breezango are back and interviewed about Imperium. Fandango asks why Walter is so angry all the time, considering he’s been UK Champion for like nine years. He and Breeze argue about the names of the Imperium goons and say they seem to have sour grapes. They say they’re going to make sure Aichner and Barthel upset Walter once again.

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Triple H, William Regal, and Poppy are backstage. HHH and Regal are praising Poppy’s music backstage and The Game asks her when her new EP drops and she lifts out her phone and says “right now”. She presses a button and releases her new music and Triple H plugs it. Dexter Lumis appears with a drawing of Poppy and he takes it, then hugs him. Indi Hartwell sees them hugging and runs off crying. Triple H and Regal look shocked and HHH says “well, this is awkward.”

We see Cameron Grimes and LA Knight arriving at the arnea in their fancy cars. They argue about who the richer man is and who’s better suited to carry Dibiase’s legacy. Ted Dibiase is in the ring and he invites Grimes and Knight to join him. Grimes says they’ve both done a great job but it’s time for them to literally climbt the ladder of success. A solid gold ladder descends from the ceiling and Dibiase says it’s a ladder match on Sunday.

Knight says it doesn’t matter to him what type of match it is because there’s only one man fit to carry the legacy and that’s because it’s his game. Grimes says Knight is right, he’s a little smelly and he’s a hillbilly living on a hilltop. Ted says it isn’t all about the fame and money, it’s about what happens in the ring and when Grimes is in the ring he cannot be beat. You can take his money and his fame because he’ll be taking the million dollar legacy to the moon.

Grimes starts climbing the ladder and says he doesn’t see what he’s reaching for and Dibiase instructs his handlers to bring a briefcase inside. He stands over the briefcase and tells them he expects to fight, scratch and crawl, use everthing they can to get this; the Million Dollar Championship title! Dibiase laughs like a madman as Grimes and Knight talk trash.

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Grizzled Young Veterans Vs. August Grey & Ikeman Jiro

Gibson starts against Grey and takes him down with a front facelock. Grey fights back and makes a tag to Jiro, who takes a headlock. Gibson shoots him off but gets caught with a forearm. Jiro goes to the apron and hits a headscissors to Gibson. Drake gets the tag and they go to work on Ikeman, using quick tags and isolating him.

Thatcher and Ciampa come down the ramp and sit on chairs to watch the amtch. The Grizzled Veterans get distracted and Grey gets a tag. He comes in hot and takes them both down with lariats, then a springboard crossbody to Drake. Grey wants a springboard Unprettier to Drake but gets tossed off and clotheslined. Gibson gets the tag as Drake knocks Jiro off the apron, then he and Gibson hit Ticket to Mayhem for the win.

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans

After the match, Gibson gets a microphone and says Thatcher and Ciampa just linger like a bad smell. They’ve told them they’re done with them, they proved they’re better than them. Ciampa says what they don’t realise is, they won’t get a title shot until they can go through him and toothless Timmy.

Gibson calls them stupid and Ciampa and Thatcher jump up and throw their chairs at them. Gibson says it’s fine, they can have a fight if they want it but it will be tornado rules. Ciampa says two things; first, they love tornado’s; and two, they odn’t need to wait until next week. Ciampa and Thatcher storm the ring but GYV bail. Thatcher screams at the that he can’t wait to break their limbs.

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Candace LeRae comes to the ring by herself. She says e’s so sick of Poppy and the fans chant for the singer. Candace says she’s always stealing the spotlight and now she’s stole Indi’s man, and she can’t act like she didn’t know because everyone knows “Index” is a thing. Candace invites her to the ring to settle things.

Poppy comes to the stage and says “I don’t wrestle, but I know someone who does.” Io Shirai returns to NXT! Io storms the ring and takes Candace down, then hits her with a springbaord dropkick and LeRae high-tail’s it. Poppy comes down and celebrates with Shirai.

Dok Hendrix runs down the entire card for NXT TakeOver: In Your House, which takes place this Sunday at 8 PM EST, with a pre-show beginning at 7:30 PM.

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Ember Moon Vs. Dakota Kai W/Raquel Gonzalez

The bell rings and they both swing kicks and duck them, then both connect with kicks and sell their shins. They lock-up and Kai forces Moon to the corner but Ember pushes her across the ring to the opposite corner and slams her into the buckles. Kai uses a referee distraction to rip Moon into the buckles, then hit a face wash for a two-count.

Kai chokes Moon with a boot in the corner and whips her hard into the buckles before connecting with another face wash. Moon counters Kai and hits a kick to the face, then trips her and lands an STO for a near-fall. Moon forearms Kai and hits her with running hip attacks in the corners. Kai avoids a third and moves to the apron and she drags Moon under the bototm rope and spins her around so her head hits the ring post.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Moon attacks Kai in the corner, hits a snapmare and lands a Codebreaker from the middle rope for a near-fall. Kai connects with a kick and looks for another but Moon lands one of her own and a standing flip into a Stunner for a near-fall. Moon lifts Kai but gets caught with a spinning reverses DDT and another near-fall. Kai kicks Moon in the face a few times, then stomps on her back and hits a running boot in the corner.

Kai lifts Moon but Ember escapes and lifts her for a powerbomb and a near-fall. Kai rolls outside to regroup with Gonzalez. Moon goes after and Kai goes inside and dsitracts the referee, so Raquel swings a kick but Moon dodges and drops the Champion! Kai then jumps out but Moon drops her as well and goe sinside to hit a suicide deive to both women! Moon gets Kai back in the ring and goes up top but Raquel rushes in and boots her off the top to the floor!

Winner Via Disqualifcation: Ember Moon

After the match, Moon comes back inside as Raquel is helping Kai to her feet. Moon attacks her but Raquel quickly overpowers her. Gonzalez looks for the one-handed powerbomb but Moon counters with a Stunner. Moon goes up top and hits The Eclipse! Moon lifts the NXT Women’s Championship and stares at it before tossing it onto Raquel.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett are backstage. Kross says his opponents have been granted an opportunity to be in the ring with him tonight but they;ll have to ait until Sunday to learn what it fels like to get flatlined. He says this is their opportunity to show what they can do and they’d best not be late. Tick tock.

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William Regal is in the ring with Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Regal tells him that he’s seen enough crap tonight and he won’t let Kross run amok. Kross snatches the microphone and says Regal isn’t in charge and he’s definitely not in control. This is his show. O’Reilly comes out and says Kross clearly has very thin skin and he’s insecure because he knows it’s only a matter of time until a guy like him takes the title from him.

Johnny Gargano makes his appearance and stands on the announce desk, mocking O’Reilly’s promo skills. Gargano tries to goad Kross into attacking O’Reilly while saying he’s not in his league. Kross calls him a mark and says he can show him the fastest way to the hospital if he wants. Pete Dunne comes down and tells everyone to shut up, that he’s sick of all the crap. Dunne says he can show them why he’s the baddest man in NXT and on Sunday he becomes NT Champion.

Adam Cole appears on the big screen and says he’s not dumb enough to come down there with the rest of them. Cole says Kross is the dumbest of all and he embarassed him on the microphone last week. Cole says he’s beat Gargano and Dunne and he knows he can wrestle circles around Kross, so he’ll save it for Sunday. O’Reilly gets in the ring and slaps Kross, who takse him down with a forearm. Security rush down and separate them, but they all attack the security before going back to fighting each other.

Kross takes everyone out with overhead suplexes. Security restrain Kross, allowing Dunne, Gargano and O’Reilly to beat him down. The three of them fight each other and O’Reilly is the last mans tadning, until kropss drops him with a big forearm to the back of the head. Kross lfits the NXT Championship and poses but Adam Cole appears and superkicks him. Cole kicks Kross again and hits The Last Shot before lifting the NXT Tilte and posing.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and I’ll see you back here on Sunday for TakeOver: In Your House. Before that, we’ll have live results for SmackDown and AEW Dynamite on Friday. Until then, stay safe.

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