Buff Bagwell was arrested on 11 different misdemeanor counts recently, adding to the four he already had. Now he is facing 15 different counts from two separate incidents, all involving drinking while driving and a variety of other traffic citations.

While talking to TMZ, Buff said that he is still The Stuff. He is also feeling great after his arrest. Those court dates are coming up, but he even ripped his shirt off to prove how great he’s doing.

Bagwell explained his incident by saying that “a guy came behind me flashing his lights, freaking out, and I pull over.” Buff Bagwell said that the guy claims that he hit him and then ran, Buff asked the guy where he hit him, but he apparently didn’t receive response. Since Bagwell had previous charges from 9 months before, when the cops showed up he was taken to jail.

Buff said that he is in a “transitional state of divorce and breaking up with my girlfriend,” so he wasn’t driving his own car. That car was his parents’ car, and he claimed that the open container the cops found wasn’t his at all. His insurance was also expired by two days.

He still claims that it was not a hit and run situation, because he pulled over and didn’t run. This is an ongoing situation, but Buff Bagwell seems to have a clear mind right now. Hopefully, he can figure out this messy situation.

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Felix Upton

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