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It’s been another wild week in WWE land but the show rolls on tonight. The reunited Uso’s will receive a SmackDown Tag Team Title match against the Mysterio’s. Speaking of whom, Rey was attacked last week and we don’t yet know the culprits. Do you see The Family walking out with more gold? Let us know below.

Unfortunately that’s all we know about tonight’s SmackDown. Obviously we’ll see more of the Universal Champion but the Aleister Black/Big E storyline is in the bin. That’s the preview for tonight’s SmackDown. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



This week’s SmackDown opens with the Head of the Table, the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns coming to the ring alongside Paul Heyman.

Roman says he believes in being direct about how he’s feeling. Last Friday he wasn’t happy but with council from Paul Heyman and a week to chew on it, he changed his position on the Tag Team Championship opportunity for The Uso’s tonight. Reigns says it is no secret that he’s the centrepiece and everything revovles around him but he has allowed this to happen. Jimmy said it all last week and he said he would win, so he had better win. Reigns asks Heyman to bring his cousins out and they acquiecse.

Jey Uso hugs Roman but Jimmy doesn’t and Roman tells him to acknowledge him. Jimmy says he thought he did a year ago at Hell In A Cell, when Roman choked them both out. Tonight isn’t about that, it’s about winning the Tag Titles and making the family proud. Roman sighs and wishes them good luck. He says Jimmy called his shot, he gets it, he does it himself but he also gets the job done. Roman tells Jimmy they have to win and that the whole family is watching. Jimmy says they become 7x Champion’s tonight.

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SmackDown Tag Team Champion’s

(C) Rey & Dominik Mysterio Vs. The Uso’s

Jimmy starts with Dominik and the young Mysterio takes an early lead. Rey tags in and teams with his son to hit a double dropkick and Dominik powerbombs Rey onto Jimmy. Jey comes in and counters Rey, then looks for a running knee drop but Rey moves. Rey slides under Jey and htis a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Jimmy tags himself in as Jey hits a Stun Gun on the top rope.

Jimmy takes a headlock in the middle of the ring. Jimmy and Jey isolate Rey and make a lot of tags. Rey knocks Jey off the apron and flings Jimmy over with a headscissors. Rey looks to slide under the bottom rope onto him but Jey catches him on his shoulders and hits a big Samoan drop onto the announce desk!

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Back from the break and Rey hits a drop toe hold onto the turnbuckles. He looks to tag but gets dragged back by Jimmy. Rey counters both Uso’s and tags Dominik who knocks them both out of the ring. Dominik dives through the ropes onto both, then gets Jimmy back inside and hits a springboard tornado DDT. Dominik goes up top and jumps but The Uso’s avoid him and hit a double-team Samoan drop for a near-fall.

The action breaks down and Rey jumps on Jey at ringside but Jimmy takes him out, then counters and superkicks Dominik. Jimmy goes up top and looks for an Uso Splash but Dominik avoids it and rolls him up for the win but Jimmy had his shoulder off the mat!

Winners: Rey & Dominik Mysterio

The Uso’s argue with the referee afterwards and try to show him what happened. We see Roman Reigns watching backstage and he’s shaking with anger. He tells Heyman to bring them to him.

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The Uso’s are backstage trying to explain to Roman but he shouts at them. Roman says they lost to a child and the worst part is they called their shot. The good news is, they still have some time in the show to amend their mistake. They need to make it right. He says they are six times Tag Team Champions who were on WrestleMania once, and in less than a year with the Tribal Chief, Jey closed the show with him. Did their family proud. Roman asks Jimmy if he understands his position but he asked Jey by mistake and Jey isn’t happy about it. Roman laughs and says, the way things are going, it hardly matters which is which.

Kayla Braxton is sitting backstage with Seth Rollins and asks what explanation he has for demolishing Cesaro two weeks ago. Seth says she’s trying to frame him in a bad light but he doesn’t owe her or the WWE Universe anything. She says Cesaro will never give up or back down, so what happens when he returns to SmackDown. Seth takes his microphone off and throws it at her while smiling.

The Street Profits are backstage and Chad Gable interrupts them. He tells them they’re on a downward trend and he’s been studying their tapes. Montez has lost six inches off his frog splash and he can help them the same way he has helped Otis. He asks if they’re ready to unleash their inner alpha and if he can get the smoke. They laugh and say it’s a hard no.

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The Uso’s are backstage with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. They’re arguing their case for a rematch and Pearce says he knows it was a mistake but the referee’s decision is final. Sonya undermines him and says they’ll take it under advisement and make a decision.

Carmella Vs. Liv Morgan

Liv looks to lock-up but Carmella slaps her in the face. Liv chases her out of the ring and looks to stomp her when getting back in but Liv grabs her foot and drags her outside. Liv slams Carmella into the barricade, then the apron repeatedly. Back inside, Carmella attacks Liv and takes her to the corner for back elbows. Liv avoids Carmella in the corner and hits a backbreaker, then kicks her into the buckles. Liv misses a knee to the back on the ropes and Carmella slams her down, then applies the Code of Silence for the submission win.

Winner: Carmella

Bianca Belair is walking backstage and she’s making her way to the ring to challenge Bayley after the break.

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Rey and Dominik Mysterio are shown leaving the arena but Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville stop them. They say they’ve reviewed the footage and the referee definitely made a mistake so they’ve made the decision that The Uso’s will get another title shot… tonight! Rey and Dominik say that’s fine and walk back inside.

Bianca Belair comes to the ring and she says Bayley has been jealous of her since WrestleMania, but she hasn’t done anything about it. Bianca says all Bayley does is laugh but the WWE Universe is laughing at Bayley, not with her. She says Bayley’s laugh is annoying and it’s getting to her but she isn’t the first to try and get to her. Bianca recounts some haters and says people called her man-ish for her physique but she’s left those people in her dust. However no-one has ever laughed in her face before. Bianca challenges Bayley to a match at Hell In A Cell.

Bayley appears on the Titantron, laughing like crazy. She says the world does not revolve around Belair, so she won’t just walk out there and answer her. In fact, she isn’t even at the arena. She’s in her sanctuary – a room with a couch and pictures of herself. Bayley says Belair wants to give her a fair shot at the title, a rematch, and so obviously she accepts and when it’s over she’ll be laughing at her. Bayley’s face appears on every screen in the ThunderDome and her laugh is echoed hundreds of times. Belair looks freaked out.

The Street Profits are backstage but Otis appears and he’s not happy. Otis says they were out of line for mocking Chad earlier tonight, they need to apologise. Dawkins and Ford say they don’t apologize to anyone. Ford tells Otis that Gable is holding him back and he needs to get out of the academy. Otis slaps Ford and slams Dawkins into a production box.

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King Corbin is in the ring and we see replays of his recent feud with Shinsuke Nakamura. Rick Boogs comes out and plays some guitar before introducing Nakamura.

Shinsuke Nakamura W/Rick Boogs Vs. King Corbin

The match begins and Corbin forces Nakamues to the corner and batters him with punches. Shinsuke turns it around and drapes Corbin over the ropes to deliver a running knee for a one-count. Corbin punches back and hits a chokebomb for a two-count. Nakamura kicks Corbin a few times and sends him out of the ring but Corbin clotheslines Boogs on the floor. Corbin slides inside and counters Nakamura and rolls him up for the win!

Winner: King Corbin

After the match Corbin goes out and grabs his crown. He tries to run away but Boogs tackles him and Nakamura kicks him, then takes the throne again. Boogs plays guitar as Nakamura dances with the crown on.

Kevin Owens is walking backstage and he’s readying for his match against Apollo Crews but he gets attacked by Commander Azeez. Owens is beat against a wall and gets a production box rammed into him. Officials come and drag Azeez away.

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Intercontinental Championship

(C) Apollo Crews Vs. Kevin Owens

Owens could barely get to the ring, stumbling and dropping to a knee on the ramp, but he gets there anyway. He attacks Crews but gets punched in the injured ribs. Crews hits a gutbuster and beats Owens down in the corner. Crews hits a snap suplex for a one-count, then just grinds his elbow into the ribs. Owens fires back with a chop but Crews boots him, then whips him hard into the buckles.

KO manages to drop Crews and hit a senton, then wants a pop-up powerbomb but his ribs gave out. Owens pulls the ropes down to send Apollo outside, then Owens wants to hit a suicide dive but he can’t with the ribs, so he goes to the apron and Apollo swipes his feet. Crews grabs Owens and hits an Angle Slam on the floor as we head to the break.

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Back live and Apollo is still in control and still targetting the ribs. Apollo backs Owens against the ropes and delivers a knee to the gut. Crews is cocky and takes his time lifting Owens for a German suplex and scores a two-count. Crews wants another but Owens quickly spins around and hits one of his own! Crews backs Owens into the corner and shoulders him, then sets him on the top rope. Owens fights Crews and drops him with a headbutt, then follows-up with a swanton but Apollo gets the knees up!

Crews hits an enziguiri, then a deadlift German suplex for a near-fall. Apollo lands a standing moonsault for another near-fall. Owens avoids Apollo in the corner and hits a superkick, then a pop-up powerbomb for a near-fall! Owens goes to the top rope but Crews rolls to the apron. Owens turns around but Apollo lifts him off the ropes and hits an Attitude Adjustment on the apron! Apollo rolls Owens back inside and covers for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Crews takes his title and walks up the ramp, where Commander Azeez is applauding him. Suddenly Sami Zayn comes running down the ramp and into the ring where he hits a Helluva Kick in the corner! Zayn yells at Owens and leaves.

The Street Profits are backstage talking about what’s happened to them tonight. They say Otis seems to think he’s a machine but they’re about to send him and Gable back to the dump where they belong. They’re up and they want the smoke.

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SmackDown Tag Team Championships

(C) Rey & Dominik Mysterio Vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso

Jimmy and Dominik start again and Uso counters an Irish whip to hit a back elbow. Jimmy attempts multiple pins but Dom keeps kicking out. Jey tags in and they beat Dom in the corner. He tries to fight back but gets knocked out of the ring and Jey follows-up with a suicide dive. The Uso’s are in control as we head to the final break of the night.

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Back live and Jey is beating on Dominik but gets slingshotted into the turnbuckles. Both men are down and make tags. Rey comes in hot and knocks Jey to the floor, then goes to work on Jimmy with a kick and springboard crossbody. Rey whips Jimmy but gets caught with an elbow and Jey tags in for a powerbomb but gets sent outside with a hurricanrana.

Jimmy tags in again and Rey knocks him to the floor to hit a sliding splash under the ropes. Rey gets him back inside and goes up tp for a seated senton, then connects with a 619 and makes the tag to Dominik. The young Mysterio goes to the top rope and wants a splash but suddenly Roman appears and knocks Dominik off the to rope with a Superman punch.

Winners Via Disqualification: Rey & Dominik Mysterio

Roman is furious and shouts at Jimmy on the mat. Rey attacks Roman but gets caught with a Spear. Roman throws Rey outside and beats on both him and Dominik on the floor. Reigns throws Rey into the barricade, then lifts the steel steps and smashes Dominik with them, then Rey. Roman tosses Rey over the barricade, the goes back after Dominik and puts him inside.

Reigns chokes Dominik with a guillotine as Jimmy and Jey watch. Jimmy shouts at Roman to stop, that Dominik is already out. Roman tosses Dominik aside and stares at Jimmy, who says “not like this”. Jimmy leaves the ring and tells Jey to follow but Roman stops him and stares at him. Roman then goes back after Dominik and pummels him with forearms and a powerbomb.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown, let us know what you thought of the show and I’ll see you back here Monday night for WWE RAW. Don’t forget, AEW Dynamite is starting right now and we have the results right here on Ringside News. So hop on over there and I’ll see you next time!

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