Miro entered AEW after a rocky road with WWE. That start/stop/start again/then stop booking for Rusev was too much, and he is much happier in AEW. Now Miro is TNT Champion and preparing for his next big match against Lance Archer at Double or Nothing, a marque title match that he feels is rightfully his.

Although Miro might be “King of the Boys,” he doesn’t care for one important member of the locker room. While speaking to Wrestle Slam, Miro said that he doesn’t care for Cody Rhodes. He then remarked that the American Nightmare is an “office boy,” further taking a stab at Cody’s role as EVP of AEW. In fact, nobody likes Cody according to Miro.

“Nobody likes Cody Rhodes. Why should I like Cody Rhodes? He’s an ‘office boy.’ I don’t like ‘office boys.’ He’s trying to be on top of me, but I’m the only boss. Nobody is trying to boss me around.

“I used to be in a company where people made me sing and dance, but no more. This is my time, this is on my terms. I got no boss over my head, so I don’t care about Cody Rhodes, his reality shows, or whatever else he’s doing.”


Those are some big shots for Miro to take, but AEW is full of shoot interviews at this point. AEW President Tony Khan just took shot at WWE President Nick Khan in huge fashion. It wasn’t received very well by some, especially Jim Cornette.

Speaking of Cornette, he also said that it’s too late for Miro because AEW already screwed up his debut. We’ll have to see if Miro can correct his path in AEW, but he’s off to a good start as TNT Champion.

The jury is still out for Cody Rhodes. It seems he is also the crux in those rumors about AEW EVPs not getting along. That is rumor he tried to squash as well.

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