Vince McMahon is always open for business, but would that ever mean that WWE is for sale? Recent company decisions seem to be moving in that direction if they continue in their projected plan of action.

WWE laid off a lot of people this week to merge multiple departments in to one division. This corporate restructuring also came with the firing of several executive vice presidents. The company is eliminating “redundancies” and strengthening their bottom line. That could come with even bigger plans in store.

Nick Khan has spearheaded a majority of these latest moves as he prepares WWE for the next chapter in the company’s history. Khan has also secured even more power as WWE President this week.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went into this situation where he discussed a very interesting idea. It is plausible that WWE is gearing themselves up to go on sale. Many of the things that the company is doing would support that idea.

“There’s going to be people with more work, but they wanted to cut the headcount down because they’re trying to increase their profitability and that’s, I mean if they’re trying to set the thing up for a sale, that’s a good thing to do.”

It was also noted that WWE is moving into a new headquarters and they cut the workforce after looking over their staff. There are a lot of reasons why WWE fired people, but the reason they gave was “budget cuts.”

WWE is raising their profits and producing content with insane value in the realm of streaming content. We might see WWE enter the market eventually, because there is no sign that is an impossibility at this juncture.

Transcription by Ringside News

Felix Upton

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