WWE is going through another round of firings today, and this time backstage staffers are facing cuts. The company has a reason for this, and budget cuts isn’t a part of it.

According to PW Insider, WWE is axing so many employees today because a number of divisions will be “folded together” backstage under one new division. This new division will now be overseen directly by Kevin Dunn.

This announcement is expected to be delivered to staffers today. There were a lot of departures over the past year and WWE determined that there were too many “redundancies across multiple departments.”

One example is that there were two graphics departments, one for WWE TV production and one for digital and that they can easily be merged into one division, meaning the company could get that work done with a smaller group of staffers.

It was also reported that “a ripple effect” is expected throughout the company running under the pandemic. They can now see that operations can get accomplished for fewer people on the clock.

One source reported said that WWE has proven they can “cut to the bone” if needed and still get the job done. Now they are cutting even more people to lighten their staff once again.

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