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This week’s NXT will feature a huge North American Championship match between Johnny Gargano and Bronson Reed…. inside a steel cage! After weeks of being a nuisance and attempting to run from Reed, Gargano will have nowhere to hide and his title reign is in great jeopardy. Do you think we’ll have a new Champion by the end of the night?

In something of a grudge match, Toni Storm will face Zoey Stark in a rematch from the last TakeOver. Those are the only two known matches scheduled for tonight’s NXT, but we do know we will have a sit-down interview with Pete Dunne, a preview of Finn Balor Vs. Karrion Kross, and a special appearance from the Hall of Famer, Ted Dibiase.


That’s the rundown for tonight’s NXT. Let us know what you’re excited to see and your feelings on the cage match. Hit that refresh link below and enjoy the show!


The show opens with a preview of Johnny Gargano Vs. Bronson Reed. We go live to the Capitol Wrestling Centre and out comes Toni Storm.

Toni Storm Vs. Zoey Stark

The match starts and Storm snears at Stark and slaps her, so Zoey backs her into the corner and unloads a flurry of punches. Storm rolls from the ring to get away but Stark dives over the ropes onto her. Storm is sent back inside and Stark hits a springboard dropkick that knocks her back out. Stark goes to the apron and runs for a kick but Storm catches it and yanks her down. Storm slams Stark into the steel steps, then runs and smashes her into them with a knee.

Back in the ring, Storm stomps Stark and puts her in the corner for more kicks. Storm takes control and slows the pace, slamming Stark into the buckles before tossing her across the ring by the hair. Storm hits a backbreaker and holds her over her knee. Storm hits some European uppercuts but Stark counters one with a backslide pin for two. Stark connects with an enziguiri and both women are down.

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Stark forearms Storm a few times, then connects with a superkick. Snapmare and a sliding clothesline from Storm, then a running knee for a near-fall. Toni wants Storm Zero but Stark counters with a hurricanrana, then a German suplex for a near-fall. Stark attempts a pumphandle slam but Storm lands on her feet and hits a German suplex. Toni lands Storm Zero but Stark kicks out! Storm can’t believe it so she hits a brand new, unique finisher for the win.

Winner: Toni Storm

After the match, Franky Monet comes to the stage and the LED boards tell us that she’ll be making her in-ring debut next week.

Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde are backstage for an interview and they won’t say where Escobar is. They start talking about MSK but Thatcher and Ciampa appear and say they should get MSK’s name out of their mouths because they haven’t beaten them. Mendoza says they can change that tonight and Thatcher accepts in Spanish.

Cameron Grimes arrived at the arena earlier today in a nice car. He’s walking through the parking ot and tosses his keys to Jake Atlas and tells him to park it. Atlas tosses them back and says Ted Dibiase has the spot. Grimes gets mad and threatens Atlas, so the two will have a match tonight.

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We see a video of Candace LeRae and Indi Hartwell getting spa treatments. Indi badmouthes Dexter Lumis but he’s the one giving her a massage. He walks off sullen.

We get an in-depth look at Finn Balor Vs. Karrion Kross next week. Both men talk about the first match and walk through what they were thinking during it, as well as their mindsets going into the rematch.

Jake Atlas comes to the ring, followed by Cameron Grimes. Cameron shows footage of Ted Dibiase’s legendary career, attempting to paint it in a bad light. The crowd chant for Dibiase and Grimes is not happy and Atlas knocks him out of the ring before the match begins.

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Jake Atlas Vs. Cameron Grimes

Back live and Grimes is beating on Jake but gets caught with a kick in the face. Atlas hits a springboard arm-drag, then an enziguiri in the corner. Atlas goes to the middle rope and hits a flying hurricanrana for a two-count. Grimes tosses Atlas to the apron and Jake tries to flip over him back into the ring but Cameron catches him with a clothesline. Grimes backs Atlas into the corner and sticks an elbow in his chest and grinds it.

Atlas gets whiped hard into the buckles but starts firing back with chops. Grimes lands a few kicks but Atlas cuts him off. Atlas goes up top but is forced to leap over Grimes, then runs into a spinning body splash from Cameron. Grimes goes to the corner and wants the double stomp bu out comes Ted Dibiase and distracts him! Atlas hits a springboard roll-up for the win!

Winner: Jake Atlas

Dibiase laughs in the way only he can and Grimes is furious but Jake Atlas hits him. Grimes stumbles up the ramp and to the parking lot, looking for Dibiase. A white limousine is parked outside and Grimes tries to get in but Dibiase rolls the window down and says “not bad kid, but you’re still no million dollar man.” Grimes collapses in the parking lot as Dibiase drives off laughing.

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Bronson Reed cuts a promo, talking about his journey to get to tonight where he is finally get a proper shot at becoming a Champion. He says when he wins he will thank his wife for the 14 year journey.

Pete Dunne has a sit-down interview and is asked about who he’s interested in facing. Dunne says he could beat Kushida or Gargano anytime he wants and take those belts. He has unfinished business with Walter, so that’s always interesting. And then there’s Karrion Kross, the one title he really wants. Dunne is asked if he feels disrespected and he says he doesn’t care, his work speaks for itself. He’s never had a bad match and people never leave the ring the same after him. Dunne talks about his physical style and that it stems from being British and being inspired by guys like Fit Finlay. Dunne says he used to be somene who set goals but now he just takes opportunities as they come. At this point the main thing left for him is to take the NXT Championship.

Alexander Wolfe W/Imperium Vs. Killian Dain W/Drake Maverick

The match gets underway and Wolfe takes conrol early on and clobbers the Irishman with European uppercuts. Dain fires back with some of his own and splashes him in the corner. Fabian Aichner gets on the apron and shoves Maverick, but Dain boots him off. Wolfe takes advantage of the commotion and German suplexes Dain. Barthel slides a chair into the ring and Wolfe is reluctant to use it but the referee stops him anyway, then Dain takes him down with a crossbody for the win!

Winner: Killian Dain

After the match Aichner and Barthel look annoyed with Wolfe but they help him up and pose with him… then attack him! Wolfe is battered and hit with the Euro Bomb.

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Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai get interviewed backstageand asked about something that happened in the trainer’s room last week. They say they’re done with Mercedes Martinez and that they’re going to go for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles. Ever-Rise appear and tell them they’re being greedy. They goad them until Raquel slaps Matt Martel.

Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Legado Del Fantasma

We start with Ciampa and Wilde. Joaquin avoids a lock-up and dances, then runs away from Ciampa. Tommaso outsmarts Wilde and drags him out of the ring and tosses him into the barricade, then gives himself a pat on the back. Back in the ring, Ciampa takes a side headlock. Thatcher tags in and takes a front facelock on Wilde but gets forced back and Mendoza tags in. They lock-up and Thatcher takes him down with a Judo throw into an armbar.

Mendoza forces him to the ropes but Ciampa tags back in and chops Mendoza hard. Ciampa backs him into the corner and hits a running forearm, then does it again. A third attempts gets met with a boot, then Mendoza pummels him with punches. Ciampa fights back and tags Thatcher who goes back to the facelock. Mendoza kicks Thatcher in the chest a few times but gets caught and put in an ankle lock. Wilde comes inside and Ciampa rushes in and grabs him in an ankle lock also. Fantasma break free and hit some offense but Ciampa takes out Wilde and Thatcher drops Mendoza.

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Back live and Ciampa is hitting both guys with repeated clotheslines in the corners, then a double clothesline. Fantasma manage to isolate Ciampa and beat on him utilizing quick tags. Mendoza runs at Ciampa for a spear in the corner but nobody’s home and he hits the post! Thatcher gets the tag and hits a butterfly suplex. Toothless Timmy beats Mendoza down in the corner and tags Ciampa for a series of knees and slaps.

Mendoza counters a sunset flip and hits a knee. Ciampa eats a lariat in the corner and Wilde tags in for a suplex. Mendoza knocks Thatcher off the apron, then he and Wilde hit a rope-assisted splash. They look for their finish but Thatcher pulls Raul from the ring. Wilde dives over the ropes onto Thatcher, then heads back inside and Ciampa slams him for a near-fall. Fantasma hit the Russian leg-sweep/heel kick and score the win!

Winners: Legado Del Fantasma

Bobby Fish is interviewed backstage and he says last week had pretty much nothing to do with Kyle O’Reilly. Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan put him out of action with a tricep injury for a long time. So long that he had to sit on the sideline and watch The Undisputed Era implode. Fish says Dunne claims no-one wants that match but he certainly does.

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Johnny Gargano is with Austin Theory backstage and he says he will prove tonight why he is the North American Champion and why he is untouchable. He left Karrion Kross laying and tonight he will do the same to Bronson Reed.

Aliyah W/Robert Stone Brand Vs. Sarray

The bell rings and Sarray looks for a handshake but Aliyah hits her. Sarray lands a springboard arm-drag, then another. She hits the ropes but Jessi Kamea pulls her leg, then Aliyah clotheslines her and takes control. Aliyah pulls Sarray down by her hair, then tosses her across the ring with it. Aliyah connects with a running boot in the corner for a two-count. Sarray fires back with a flurry of kicks and a German suplex. Sarray goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick, followed by a dropkick against the ropes and a Saito suplex for the win.

Winner: Sarray

Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart talk about how they’re the number one contenders. It’s time for them to get gritty and strip it all back.

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Hit Row Vs. Tony Nese & AriyaH Daivari

Top Dolla and Ashante “Thee” Adonis represent Hit Row. Adonis starts with nese and Tony looks for a springboard moonsault but nobody’s home and he lands on his feet. Ashante hits a flapjack on Nese, then Daivari and Top Dolla tag in. Dolla hits a Wasteland to Nese and Daivari, then bulldozes him with a splash. Ashante tags back in and Daivari hits some right hands but eats a nice dropkick. Dolla tags back in and hits a splash in the corner, followed by a neckbreaker suplex for the win.

Winner: Hit Row

After the match Hit Row get on the microphone and say they’re taking shots. Swerve says they’re hot and heat rises. Swerve says he doesn’t care who wins tonight but they’re gonna be watching close. And if you didn’t know, now you do.

William Regal is interviewed backstage and he says Legado Del Fantasma will get a title shot against MSK in two weeks. As for the women’s division, he wants to know who will step-up. Next week Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez will get a title shot against Indi Hartwell and Candace LeRae. And he’s bringing a lot of new cruiserweight atlent in to find a challenger for Kushida.

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North American Championship

Steel Cage Match

(C) Johnny Gargano W/Austin Theory Vs. Bronson Reed

The match begins and Gargano dives for the door and Theory opens it but Reed pulls him back in. Gargano ducks and dodges Reed and again tries to escape but gets stopped. Reed stops himself from being thrown into the cage, then elbows Johnny and shoves him down as he attempts a leap-frog. Bronson throws Gargano up and into the cage like a child, then again. Reed gets Gargano on his shoulder and lawn-darts him into the cage.

Reed puts Gargano between the cage and ropes and runs at him but Johnny moves and he crashes into the cage. Gargano wants to do a spear through the ropes but Reed catches and DDT’s him. Gargano counters Reed and hits a chopblock, then starts climbing the cage but hits a moonsault off the ropes onto him. Johnny climbs the cage but Reed pulls him down and hits a Death Valley Driver for a near-fall. Reed starts climbing the cage but Theory climbs up the outside and distracts him, allowing Gargano to shove and crotch him.

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Gargano hits a sliding kick and starts scaling but Reed gets up so he jumps off but gets caught and slammed. Reed hits some forearms and a catapult into the cage wall. Reed gets Johnny on his shoulders and starts climbing the ropes to hit a super Samoan drop! Bronson climbs the ropes but Gargano attacks the back of his leg a few times, then climbs up alongside and hits a sunset flip powerbomb! Reed and Gargano slowly get up and Theory opens the door but Bronson shoves it back into him.

Gargano tries to escape out the door and Theory grabs his hands but Reed yanks him back inside and hits a seated senton. Gargano climbs the ropes but Reed gets him on his shoulders, only for Johnny to hit a poisonrana! Gargano wants a slingshot DDT but Reed catches and throws him into the cage. Reed tries to go out the door but Theory slams the door in his face. Gargano counters Reed for a two-count, then climbs the cage and reaches the top.

Reed climbs up the turnbuckles and grabs him for a super powerbomb off the top! Reed climbs the ropes but Theory climbs up the other side and tries to punch him. Gargano grabs his leg but Reed shirks him off, hits Teory, then turns around and hits a Tsunami off the ropes! Reed goes to the open door and shuts it, then climbs the ropes and hits another Tsunami for the win!

Winner and New North American Champion: Bronson Reed

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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