WWE Legend Teddy Long has been vocal in the past about his issues with ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. According to Long, Ric Flair never liked him, and even called him the n-word which the latter never apologized for.

During a recent conversation with Gerald Brisco and John Bradshaw Layfield on their ‘Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw’ show, Teddy Long revealed that things got so bad between him and Ric Flair that Gary Hart handed him a blade and told him to cut Flair’s throat so that he could protect himself.

He [Ric Flair] just didn’t like me period. You know what? And I can tell you a true story and Gary Hart, God rest his soul, Gary Hart looked out for me. Gary Hart knew how he, how Flair hated me and Gary Hart made me a blade. This is my right hand to God, I have no reason to lie. He made a blade for me and he gave it to me and he said to me, he said, ‘If he keeps on bothering you, you take this blade and you cut his Goddamn throat.’ Those were the words out of his mouth from Gary Hart.

Professional wrestling is a very tough business that physically and mentally takes its toll on the performers’ lives. Everyone would be in much better place if they had respect for one another and treated each other as equals. Thankfully though, Teddy Long didn’t have to use the blade on Ric Flair.

(H/T POST Wrestling)

Israel Lutete

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