Jimmy Uso made his return to SmackDown this week and it was a very eventful night for him.

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Jimmy Uso accidentally assisted Cesaro in his win against Seth Rollins. That cemented Cesaro’s spot against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash. Roman was not happy about that at all.

Later on, Jey and Jimmy had a very serious conversation backstage. It seemed that a feud was teased, but then they decided to be tag team partners and own all of the gold on SmackDown.


Roman Reigns then addressed Paul Heyman and said that he wanted to see his cousin. This was a very intense moment as The Tribal Chief continued sorting out his thoughts.

Roman Reign had a conversation with Jey where he said that he loves Jimmy. He wants to give Jimmy all the opportunities that he gave Jey, but he needs to know where Jimmy Uso stands.

Reigns, Jey, and Paul Heyman took the ring to close out the show. Roman didn’t get much out before Jimmy Uso interrupted and made his way to the ring. Jimmy wanted to know where Jey stood.

Jimmy Uso brought up Roman Reigns and Jey Uso’s I Quit match. Jey quit for Jimmy because he didn’t want to see the Tribal Chief hurt him. Then they played a clip from Hell in a Cell.

Roman Reigns told Jimmy that he needs to “fall in line or take your ass home.” Then Jimmy Uso left the ring and started to walk away. He stopped and then Jey followed him out to talk with him.

Suddenly, Cesaro jumped Roman from behind. Jey ran to Roman’s aid, but Cesaro beat him down. Then Jimmy Uso ran in and he took a pop-up European uppercut. Cesaro hit a Neutralizer on Jey next. The night ended with Jimmy Uso making a decision to stick with the Head of the Table, but Cesaro is there to break up that dinner party.

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