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Tonight is a special throwback episode of SmackDown. The show will feature the SmackDown logo from the attitude era with fans eagerly anticipating what else we will see from previous eras of SmackDown.

The only confirmed match for tonight is a WrestleMania rematch between Seth Rollins and Cesaro. Seth Rollins made the challenge on last week’s SmackDown, desperate to prove that Cesaro’s WrestleMania victory was nothing more than a fluke.


It should be interesting in seeing how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown starts right away with a throwback graphic from the golden era WWF logo with a video package showing classic footage. Live in the ThunderDome the attitude era SmackDown logo is displayed with the golden age WWF logo. The iconic SMackDown fist from the Ruthless Aggression era is projected live in the ThunderDome. Michael Cole introduces a video package of the very first SmackDown main event between Triple H and The Rock in 1999.

Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way out to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. A video package airs recapping last week’s main event for the Universal Championship between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan that saw Reigns retained and Cesaro running out and eventually being forced to witness Reigns’ brutal post match chair attack on Bryan.

Paul Heyman grabs the mic and per the instruction of Reigns, Heyman announces the 10 bell salute to eulogize Bryan’s career and Heyman proceeds to say “ding” 10 times over the mic to a chorus of boos. Reigns grabs the microphone, Reigns says he is a man of his word and did what he said he would do and that everyone should acknowledge and thank Reigns. Reigns says that with Bryan’s absence they have replaced him with someone who will acknowledge him and out comes a returning Jimmy Uso. As The Usos embrace each other, Cesaro makes his way out with a mic in hand. Cesaro says that they could never replace Daniel Bryan. As Cesaro talks about his match tonight, Seth Rollins attacks Cesaro from behind and the two get into a brawl when out comes former SmackDown Genral Manager Teddy Long who says that if Cesaro beats Rollins tonight, Cesaro will challenge Reigns for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania Backlash. As Long leaves, Reigns attacks Cesaro from behind and Rollins begins to assault Cesaro.

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Cesaro VS Seth Rollins

The match begins with an onslaught from Rollins with Cesaro in the corner. Rollins hits a sling blade and covers for a two count. Rollins throws Cesaro into the barricade and the ring apron and throws Cesaro back to the ring to cover for a two count. Cesaro counters with an uppercut and Rollins avoids a body slam and covers Cesaro for a two count, Cesaro hits a delayed vertical suplex. Reigns and Heyman are seen watching backstage as Cesaro irish Whips and uppercuts Rollins. Cesaro hits a spinning lariat and gets a two count. Rollins escapes a swing attempt that Cesaro converts into a pin attempt for a two count. Cesaro goes to the top rope but is distracted by Jey Uso allowing Rollins to run up to hit a superplex into a falcon arrow that ends up with a two count.

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Back live with Rollins avoiding the sharpshooter from Cesaro with a roll up for a two count before Cesaro is able to apply the hold. Cesaro switched the hold to a crossface that Rollins strikes his way out of. Rollins hits a spinning kick to the back of Cesaro’s head and covers for a two count. Cesaro attempts a gutwrench suplex from the top rope but Rollins rolls out and counters with a buckle bomb and Cesaro immediately hits a lariat of the corner leaving both men down. Cesaro is sent over the top rope from Rollins and Rollins rolls out and tells The Usos to stay out of his business and that “he’s not Roman” Jimmy Uso hits a super kick to Rollins in retaliation for Rollins shoving Jey Uso as Cesaro dives outside. Back in the ring Cesaro hits the neutralizer and coves for the three count.

Winner: Cesaro

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Back live as Rollins and Reigns are backstage as Rollins screams about Jimmy Uso costing him the match. Reigns admits that his cousin screwed Rollins over, but Reigns says that by Rollins losing, Reigns was screwed over and that Reigns will handle it.

Another classic SmackDown moment is aired as we are shown footage of the classic super market brawl between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T from 2001.

Teddy Long is backstage with Sonya Deville as Sami Zayn joins them and Zayn brings up his conspiracy theory and Zayn reuests Long make a match for “his” Intercontinental Championship and Long says that Zayn will “go one on one with The Undertaker” before saying that Zayn will actually be in a tag team match with Apollo Crews. Long, Zayn and Deville proceed to dance as Long’s theme music plays.

Reigns is seen confronting Jimmy Uso for his super kick to Rollins. Jimmy Uso says that Reigns will not talk to him like he talks to Jey as Jimmy storms off as Jey chases after him.

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Ruby Riott VS Carmella

The match begins with a lock up as Carmella avoids a strike and moon walks away. Riott hits a big shoulder tackle to knock Carmella to the mat. Carmella hits a punch to the stomach. Riott hits a leg sweep take down and covers for a two count. Riott goes to the top rope but is kicked down by Carmella. Carmella lands a cheap shot to Liv Morgan, after the two exchange roll up two counts, Carmella locks in the code of silence and Riott submits.

Winner: Carmella

Another classic SmackDown moment as Edge and his childhood hero Hulk Hogan team up to win the tag team titles in 2002.

Bayley makes her way out to ringside and is announced to hold a celebration of the historic women of WWE.

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Back live with another classic SmackDown moment as Brock Lesnar hit a superplex on Big Show that caused the ring to collapse in 2003.

Bayley in the ring says that to be in a WWE ring you need to be a superstar and that she is here to pay tribute to the women’s champions who have put smiles on everyone’s faces. Bayley mentions Alundra Blayze, Jacqueline, Lita, Trish Stratus, Ivory, Beth Phoenix, Molly Holly and Bianca Belair. Bayley goes on to call Belair blind to the world around us and that is Belair isn’t careful she will end up the all the other women she mentioned, not on Bayley’s level. Bayley says that at WrestleMania Backlash she will beat Belair. After this, Belair makes her way out to the ring. Belair grabs a mic and says that like it or not, she is living her best life and that it will only get better at WrestleMania Backlash. Belair says that her confidence is what bothers Bayley and that Bayley should be worried about herself and Belair says that she is on her way to becoming the new longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley laughs and attemtpt a take down that Belair avoids and Belair unleashes a drop kick on Bayley. Bayley eventually gets the upper hand and stomps Belair on the mat as Bayley stands tall over Belair before leaving the ring.

The Usos are backstage and Jimmy asks Jey asks what happened to Jey and that Jey is fighting all of Roman’s battles. Jey argues that Reigns is family and what helps him helps The Usos. Jimmy then says that what’s best for the family is The Usos to be tag team champions.

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Back live with the classic SmackDown moment of John Cena making his debut to wrestle Kurt Angle from 2002.

Dolph Ziggler makes his way out to the ring and says that Dominik Mysterio doesn’t belong in the ring and that he is nothing more that Rey’s little son as Dominik takes Rey’s spot in the match.

Dominik Mysterio VS Dolph Ziggler

The match begins with Dominik hitting a big shove before Ziggler responds with a big slap to the mouth. Dominik is able to hit a drop kick that causes Ziggler to roll out of the ring, on the outside, Ziggler hits a body slam on Dominik and rolls him back in the ring. Ziggler hits a neck breaker and puts one foot on Dominik while flexing for a one count. Ziggler goes for a suplex that Dominik counters into a roll up for the three count.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

Backstage for an interview where it is revealed that Reginald will be facing off against Tamina tonight.

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Our next classic SmackDown moment is when Arnold Schwarzenegger made an appearance on SmackDown in 1999 that saw Arnold attack Triple H and celebrate with Stone Cold.

Reigns tells Heyamn backstage to “bring in his cousin” Heyman asks which one Reigns wants, Reigns does not answer but Heyman says he understands and leaves.

Reginald VS Tamina

As soon as the bell rings, Reginald flips out of the way of a Tamina super kick. Reginald taunts Tamina by swinging through the ropes. Reginald avoids Tamina with a flip again before Tamina finally manages to grab Reginald, where Reginald manages to escape. Reginald tries to slide under Tamina’s legs but Tamina catches him and slams him into the corner. Reginald climbs to the top of the ropes and as Tamina pursues, Reginald flips over her. Tamina is eventually able to hit a super kick, she climbs to the top rope as Shayna Baszler attacks Tamina and causes a disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: Tamina

Afer the match, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax assault Tamina and Natalya and Baszler stomps on Tamina’s arm and Jax hits a Samoan Drop to the barricade.

Backstage Apollo Crews says he will lead his team into battle like his ancestors before him. Crews says that together they are unbreakable. Big E’s team give a promo backstage saying that their opponents will feel the power.

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Apollo Crews, Smai Zayn, Otis, Chad Gable and King Corbin VS Big E, Kevin Owens, Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford and Shinsuke Nakamura

Our match begins with Dawkins and Gable with chain wrestling. Gable hits an arm drag and Dawkins responds with an arm drag of his own. Ford is tagged in and hits a big drop kick on Gable. Crews is tagged in and hits a body slam on Ford. Zayn is tagged in and hits strikes to Ford on the mat. Ford hits a drop kick on Ford and tags in Big E as Zayn retreats and tags in Corbin. Big E hits a shoulder tackle that knock Corbin into the ropes and Corbin hits a lariat off the ropes. Kevin Owens runs over to attack Zayn on the corner as chaos is unleashed with a big brawl on the outside as Owens hits a frog splash to Zayn on the outside.

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Back live with Otis and Owens in the ring. Otis has Owens in a chin lock on the mat as Owens is able to get to his feet but gets a punch to the stomach from Otis. Otis hits a corner splash on Owens as Crews is tagged in. Owens goes for the stunner but Crews gets out of hit with a kick to the stomach. Big E chases Gable outside the ring where Big E gets blindsided by Otis. Owens hits a spinning heel kick as both Nakamura and Zayn are tagged in. Nakamura attacks Crobin on the apron as Zayn strikes Nakamura from behind. Nakamura hits a kick from the top rope and covers and Corbin breaks up the pin attempt. Crews hits a German Suplex to Big E as Owens runs in ans hits a stunner. Otis drags Owens outside the ring asvarious wrestlers take turns hitting moves as Ford hits a big dive over the ropes. Zayn makes a blind tag to Corbin and Corbin sneks in to hit the End of Days and cover Nakamura for the three count.

Winners: Apollo Crews, Sami Zayn, Otis, Chad Gable and King Corbin

Reigns is seen backstage talking to Jey Uso, reigns says they do everything for each other, Reigns says he wants to give Jimmy the same opportunity that Jey recieved, but he needs to know where Jimmy stands, Reigns says “let’s go” and Reigns and Jey Uso leave.

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Our next classic SmackDown moment is Eddie Guerrero giving Mr. McMahon a ride in his low rider in 2004.

Roman Reigns is in the ring with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. Reigns says that this is not how he envisioned the night. Jimmy Uso interupts Reigns and comes out to the ring. Jimmy asks Jey where he stands, Jimmy says that the I Quit match with Jey and Reigns was hard to watch and that the only thing that Jey quit for was for Jimmy. A flashback to Hell in a Cell airs where Jey refueses to give up as Jimmy prevents Reigns from striking Jey with the stairs . Reigns puts Jimmy in the guillotine submission which forces Jey to quit the match to save his brother. Jimmy says that no matter what he would’ve never said I quit to Reigns. Reigns says that Jey and him have moved forward and that he is not going to go back and forth with Reigns and that he wants Jimmy to acknowledge him and stand with him. Reigns calls Jey “The Uso” as Jimmy drops the mic and leaves the ring and turns his back to Reigns. Jey goes after his brother and persuades Jimmy to join them as Cesaro attacks from behind. Jey Uso comes to Reigns’ rescue and eventually Jimmy Uso comes in to get Cesaro off Jey. Cesaro hits the neutralizer on Jey and Cesaro is standing tall in the ring as both of The Usos and Reigns are don on the mat as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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