Triple H has been known to bury people backstage in WWE. Sin Cara might have a bone to pick with The Game. He entered WWE during an unfortunate time when his success might have been a sign that Triple H wasn’t ready to run Vince McMahon’s company.

WWE made a big deal about Mistico’s signing and they brought him in as Sin Cara. That didn’t work at all, and they gave the gimmick to the Sin Cara who wore the mask the longest.

While speaking to Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Sin Cara revealed why Triple H wasn’t a fan of his. In fact, Triple H might have even kept Sin Cara down politically, for very selfish reasons.

“[The Original Sin Cara] didn’t cut out to be what they wanted out of him. Why not me now? That’s the mentality I tried to have. It was tough, man, and let me tell you why. Imagine having this kid coming from Mexico trying to be a big star, especially during that time when Hunter was trying to show the Boss, Vince McMahon, that he could run the company. That was before NXT. Then he hires big Kharma and then she had to leave the company, I don’t know the reasons. And then this is the biggest signing that he had from Mexico [the Original Sin Cara] comes in and he doesn’t do anything. So, in the eyes of Vince I think it was harder for Hunter to think, ‘Oh no, I failed twice now!'”


“The decision of the name Sin Cara of what I know it was made by Vince to give me the name. So, I think I never got that support from Hunter because it wasn’t his project anymore. If I succeeded then it was a bigger failure from him because he was the one who brought this kid over from Mexico [the Original Sin Cara] to be a big star.”

When asked if he thought it affected a push in WWE, Sin Cara said: “Big time, because I wasn’t getting that inside support at those meetings when they were trying to get people over.”

Triple H has a lot of influence backstage in WWE. Apparently, he wasn’t a fan of Sin Cara because the luchador’s success would mean that he was wrong about that original hiring.

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