AEW was supposed to introduce Trios Titles, but they haven’t gotten around to it yet. The idea was certainly teased and pretty much promised by Kenny Omega. It seems like on a matter of time before six-man titles are a thing in AEW.

The AEW roster has plenty of factions, ripe for a Trios roster. The Inner Circle could create a couple of pairings in the Trios circuit as well.

Battleground podcast recently spoke to Ortiz where he discussed the idea of Trios Titles in AEW. He would like the idea and thinks it would be beneficial as well.

“There are a ton of people on the roster and to have a belt like that or a tournament or whatever they decide to do with it — it would be beneficial to get the spotlight on guys that haven’t had the opportunities to showcase what they can really do.”

“If you keep up with Elevation or Dark, you’ll see a small part of what some people can do, but all we need is more time, ya know? If people have more time, then you can truly see how talented our roster is. Implementing a Trios Title would be awesome and beneficial for the workers,”

We’ll have to see if AEW introduces Trio Titles. Kenny Omega said that the next Chris Jericho cruise will likely feature the introduction of those new belts. They have not been able to go on a cruise since. Hopefully, both of those things happen for AEW eventually.

Felix Upton

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