Drake Wuertz continues gaining attention as he spreads QAnon conspiracy theories all over. CM Punk even paid special attention to the NXT referee in recent Q&A. It was reported that Wuertz was suspended, but that wasn’t really the case.

It was clarified in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Drake Wuertz was told to go home for two weeks, and he was paid the entire time.

Wuertz was told not to come back, but it wasn’t a real “suspension.” It was said that Wuertz was told to go home during the last NXT outbreak, because he was putting up a ring without a mask on.

The story was from some time back. At the time of the last NXT outbreak, he was one of the people working on the new rings without wearing a mask. Because there was an outbreak, he, along with many others, were sent home because of being in contact with people who tested positive.


Drake Wuertz isn’t believed to have tested positive for COVID-19 at any time. He was simply sent home out of precaution due to having contact with those who did test positive for COVID-19.

Wuertz obviously wasn’t wearing a mask, because he doesn’t believe in them. His two-week vacation actually had more to do with WWE’s precautionary measures than his political leanings.

Felix Upton

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