WWE releases ten Superstars from the main roster. Some of those releases were a surprise, but others weren’t so much.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the WWE releases. They were generally people who the company wasn’t using. He also noted that a couple of people were cut because they were complaining about their booking.

One example, that was not named specifically, was “pouting” about not being booked on WrestleMania. The other apparently complained about their booking although they were a “marginal talent.”

“They are people that they’re not using in some cases. There are a couple of people that got cut because, how do I say it? I heard this about two different people, about one person was pouting that they were not on WrestleMania. That did not help them. Another person kinda complained about their booking. When you’re a marginal talent that’s not used and you complain about it, it’s you know, it’s not like you’re a top guy and that didn’t help their cause either. That was some of it as far as like, whatever. They’re all people that they’re not using and they’ll all be able to get work whether it was names just coming off [WWE].”

We’ll have to see where all ten recent WWE releases end up. Odds are a few of them will sign deals with other companies, but some might also light up the indies. Odds are if they ever get another opportunity with a televised pro wrestling company they will be careful to complain about how they are getting booked.

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